Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Mar. 14, 2014

it takes me a while to figure out things sometimes like...

owen likes visiting the computer room when all is quiet and he can sleep by the fire. but he does not like it when he is awake and motoring around. he is uncomfortable with the big space and he is uncomfortable with other dogs being around him.
sooo...owen can visit the computer room but owen does not have to live in the computer room if he would prefer to live in the laundry area instead.

and...robbie is a big freaking baby who is very sorry he is a dick over the food bowls and wishes he wasn't but he can't help it. another dogs face anywhere near the food bowl, drives him insane! he reminds me of michael the kitchen troll...absolutely terrified that someone will take some of his kibble and he may one day starve to death.

while jake is doing fine in the computer room..i am not too happy when he still joins in the big dogs room morning howling fest from a distance. jake has a big and powerful voice and at 6 am, 3 feet away from my ear...i don't like it.. loud howlers in the very same room as me hurt my ears.

i am getting antsy to get the final reno's done...i hate anything disruptive that drags on and on..mental, emotional or physical.
still waiting on the new window install and then it is just a matter of re-closing the cat run in and we can move forward again.

jesse is getting ever closer to the final end of his road...we are arranging with the vet for his home euthanization in the very near future.

angel has finally perked up again...she was off last week but seems to have sorted herself out. she had vomitted for a couple of days and that screwed up her blood sugars but it looks like she is back on track again....whew.

tristie is sick and caged and on meds and we are watching her carefully until she feels better,

nacho had his neuter and broken tooth extraction, he is on meds too but seemed to do well despite his heart murmur.

gilbert looks like he may be developing some kind of respiratory infection...he is at the border he or isn't he? kevin is watching him carefully.

the vet came out to look at wilbur earlier in the week...he is to stay on anti inflammtories and see if they help.

as we trial tedz in various areas to see where he fits best...he is making the rounds pretty much pissing everyone off. that dog has the social skills of a gnat.

well..i did diddly squat yesterday so today i have a ton of stuff to get done....better get to it or it won't get done.



another Doreen

Bless you Carol for all those little things - like letting Owen choose where he lives and where he visits to sleep by the fire. I don't know or understand all the big issues in the rescue worlds, but it's those little things that matter to the animals!
And how special for Pac to return to his puppyhood home!
And for you to have helped Fernando to have another chance at a happy home willing to accept his issues.
You are the true Saint and your helpers are all angels on Earth!