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celebrate saints

Carol  ·  Mar. 18, 2014

here is the cool thing about saints...once here, the animals are never again utterly helpless/hopeless. it doesn't matter how tough life sometimes gets for us because it will not stop us from doing our best to make life as easy on them as we possibly can.

yesterday chris and I watched kevin in the barn cameras playing ball with little crippled max in Rudy's empty and freshly cleaned stall. no one asked kevin to do that, he just did it to make max's day a little bit brighter. no one asked chris to give owen his nap time in front of the fire or to take phoebe for a much needed walk. no one asked dionne to take the extra time to patiently spoon feed the slow to eat babes and no one asked renee to spend her own money buying bags of specialty canned food so jesse has plenty of gourmet choices on what he wants to eat and cleans this place til it literally shines and feels so nice. and I won't even mention erin who is here on her days off to help out with extra stuff, like cleaning, moving ripped to shit couches and grooming giant furballs.
and then there are the volunteers who come every single weekend to clean up poop, to feed the treats, to slog thru mountains of stinky laundry, to cuddle, to play, to brighten shelter animals days.

no one tells any of these people they have to be the very best that they can be here because the animals deserve it. but all of them do this and for no other reason than they really care about these animals and want their lives to be good. one moment at a time, one day at a time, and these moments and days add up to sometimes almost a life time for someone like gilbert, ellie, mama t, tu or andy who will live the rest of their lives here inside of our care.

life cannot break or bring down that kind of caring, no matter how tough or difficult some days get. when the going gets tough the tough will get going for all of the animals here.

that's what makes saints special, that is the core of who we are. it is about what we do..individually, as a team, day in and day out.
we work alone and together here to give unwanted animals a decent home, a decent life in every way that we can and we celebrate that.


Debra now in Malaysia

Well said. Everyone loves Saints. I sure miss all the fur babies and plan to stop by for a visit this summer when I'm back in Canada .