Rescue Journal

there are good days and bad days in rescue...

Carol  ·  Mar. 20, 2014

if you ask me, it is a crap shoot every morning when I open my eyes, which it will be.

THE Pac-Rat

Pac pretty much brightens every day around here. last night we went swimming. with erin away I could only take one and since luna hates it and pac-man loves it..guess who I loaded up in the car?

he had a blast. last night it was the rubber pig toy that he was chasing around after in the pool. he really did not want to leave there without it but sadly, since it wasn't his...he had to. but that's ok because he had a rubber penguin toy in the car and a rubber chicken and a rubber flamingo toy at home so he wasn't hurting as badly as he thought.

today was his vet visit to get him all set up with our vet clinic, med re-orders and a check up so he is all ready to head out to foster next week. pac loves any kind of adventure so he picked up his rubber penguin and eagerly jumped into the car. we stopped at tim hortons on the way in..i had a hard time convincing him to eat a donut. once at the clinic he warmed the cockles of dave's healthy treat heart when he gobbled down the vegetarian treats like they were the best thing in the world (all of our other junk food loving dogs spit them back out and on to the floor!)

Pac wasn't a great fan of getting his nails clipped but still he was very good about it. once we were done at that clinic, we popped over to his previous and long term clinic who had actually referred him to saints. they all wanted to see him before he goes off to his new home. they were so thrilled to see how happy he was, how good his skin was and really enjoyed watching him play with his trusty companion, the rubber penguin. one of the staff went off into the back and came back with 4 more rubber, squeaky chickens which they just happened to have back there for some odd reason...but now to be pac's going away gift to take with him to his new home.`
pac was over the top with 4 new squeaky rubber toys, one of them was even in cammo which matched his leash and collar...pretty damn cool.

pac had a great day today..i had a great day watching him have a great day.

we both came home in a happy and relaxed and feeling pretty good mood when we met anne in the driveway. pac took off to play with one of his new squeaky rubber chickens, anne handed me a letter and a cheque. a very kind lady had sadly passed away and left some money to saints. $12,500.00 came to us from her thoughtful kindness today and that will help so much with our recent money stress...when god closes a door he opens a window.
rest in peace kind lady and may god bless your generous and caring soul...all of us at saints thank you for your legacy of caring, especially the animals. we are going to spend that money tomorrow to pay the current vet bills..i think she would be happy about that.



I will join Janet in the Happy dance...for Pac & Carol having such a great day, for the Angel whose gift came at just the right time and to simply carol put Celebrate SAINTS. My sympathies to the family of our generous Angel, whoever you are, this gift is so greatly appreciated and I hope the donor is looking out that window that God opened and can see what a difference her gift has made.

janet nicholson

Wow, Carol, that was one of the good days for the record books! So good to read how happy Pac is - and lots of new squeeky toys. And so good to read that a sweet angel donated so generously to S.A.I.N.T.S. - I imagine she is smiling down on all of you - a well deserved gift you deserve - now, I shall do the happy dance for all of you.


Oh, isn't that wonderful. It's been a rather shitty day here at work, and reading about this special lady's kindness to SAINTS just made it a whole lot better.


The angels continue to smile on Saints - in this case, one particular angel. What a wonderful gesture.