Rescue Journal

good morning

Carol  ·  Mar. 21, 2014

the drag about having jake living in the computer room is...when that dog wants something...he is loud. and his voice is not is broken and cracks in discord so it is like an auditory electrical shock right to my brain.

the good thing about having jake living in the computer room is...jake is happy in here. wanna guess which is more important...jake feeling cheerful or my painful ears?

he really is a good boy..for a beagle. I wish someone would come here and fall in love so he and his broken throat could be forever happy somewhere else. oh well, maybe one day god will open up that window for jake....before I need hearing aides.

hope floats (as hearing ability sinks.)

I can see in the cameras that the big dog room guys have once again ripped the shit out of some poor stuffie. I am not sure why ripping the crap out of stuff is fun, but it is not just a dog thing because ellie likes to do it too. ellie's favorite thing is to find a coat left hanging on a fence...then she can tear off the pockets and rip off the sleeves. maybe pigs like vests?

such a menagerie of personalities...ear shattering beagles, fashion conscious pigs, fat little zombie dogs...and puff, who's rule of thumb or be eaten and if no one is actually trying to eat you...assume that at some point they may.

it will be a bit of a busy day..i am trying to get thru my laundry, get some groceries, go to the bank to get a new cash card cuz I lost mine somewhere, scratch has a potential home coming today, I really need to get that pile of junk out from under the carport and into the shop where it belongs and I should clean out my car...BLECH.

and it is HAPPY BIRTHDAY to renee tomorrow..the big 25! I remember her first birthday here..i think she was 18 and I was bugging her about how the hell did I hire someone so young and she told me it was because she was so wonderful...and she was right.

I think I will bake her a birthday cake today..haven't made one in at least 10 years..this ought to be fun....or at least interesting. I don't remember it being that hard.



Yes over the years there has been some hits and some misses, but hiring Renee you were right on target! Happy B-day


Thanks guys for the birthday wishes! And Nicole, I know!! Time has flown by since I first stated!


Happy birthday Renee!! I remember back when you started. I can't believe that was so long ago!!


Happy Happy Birthday a 1/4 of a century old. Great Pic, I see love in that face & if I could see Jesse's face it would be a mirror image . Have a great day !!


Did you call that lady about Gertie? and if you want I will come out tomorrow and clean the car....let me know.