Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Mar. 21, 2014

well..i got some of my stuff done...but just the really important stuff. i paid the vets...still a couple of grand owing but that is better than $15,000 outstanding. still...we racked up that 15 grand since January so it won't take us long to rack it back up there again...big sigh.

scratch had his meet and greet...looks like a match, he will most likely head to his new home in a week or so. tedz has a great family interested in meeting him. i think they truly understand when i tell his story about how he really is. they will be coming for a meet and greet next weekend...we will see what happens when everyone meets face to face.

you know when i look at what we do here..the daily struggles, the up and down roller coaster all comes back to the animals. in the past few weeks bambi, Bernie, Fernando, scratch, pac and maybe tedz...all of them got a chance for something pretty damn special despite their flaws and problems..the chance to finish their lives much loved, in their very own homes.

we gave them that chance. we not only stepped up to the plate and said these old and not so perfect animals could come here. but we also did whatever it was that they needed so while they were here, they could be as happy as we could possibly help them to be. and we do it not just for the ones that may be lucky enough to one day find a home, we do it for all of them, even the ones who will never find a home of their own.

we are here for them. we juggle and struggle and worry and fret and plan and clean our little hearts out so that homeless and unwanted senior and special needs animals have some place decent to go. we do it every freaking day, year after year, the word quit is not in our vocabulary. if we have it to give, we give it and give it, as much as we possibly can.

when i was in the clinic paying down the account..nicky told me Fernando had been in with his new family. she said he was a pretty cool dog but what immediately struck her was the glaringly obvious incredibly deep bond between one of the boys and that dog. i saw it when we completed the adoption and i am so happy to hear that someone else has seen it too. it was pretty special.

what we do here has nothing to do with luck. it has to do with hard work, thoughtful care, and the guts to keep going when the going gets tough. and we do it because these animals deserve not to be written off..they deserve a chance. they are entitled to the very best life they can possibly have and saints provides the possibility of them finding that.

i have held more than 300 saints animals in my arms who died without ever finding a new home. but an equal number did find that new home because we keep hope floating for every single animal here.

this is what we raise money for...the food, the medical care, the comfortable home, the fun, the loving, the tears and laughter that they get to share while they live, move on from or end their lives here.

this is why we drive ourselves crazy, fall down to our knees and try to find a way to get up and walk again..because they need us...They. Need. Us. ...senior animals in need.

and we are here.

this is a photo (also my avatar) of marley and one of the box babies. marley, an old stray dying dog, wrapped in his fleece just days within the end of his life from end stage kidney disease and tackle was comforting him. tackle was adopted by mo and became her much loved gizmo.
this photo is from 9 yrs ago, when saints first opened. this is the wish, this is the dream, this is the promise and the reality that saints is committed to live.

why? ask marley and gizmo.



Thanks for the info on that special photo. I did not know either animal, but the picture says it all about SAINTS. -and I so hope it works out for Tedz.- that would be amazing!. -And yay for Scratch. I love him.


wow, that would be so great if tedZ could get a retirement home! Paws crossed for you buddy!