Rescue Journal

erin is back tomorrow...she has been in mexico playing chicken with the local crocodiles

Carol  ·  Mar. 23, 2014


that damn capone, the 10 ton oaf, hit me from behind and my back/neck felt that! I better be able to move tomorrow, I only have 5 more shifts to get thru until my next set of vacation.

tina did well today...all three feet on the ground.

we had a bit of a pack up in the computer room..i brought pac in, mac the cat flipped out and went after pac and then pac went after him and jake joined in to take out mac and next redirected on tedz which put the little zombie right over the edge. everyone got into deep shit with me even tho it was mac that started the whole thing.

if rosie would give up that freaking transition cage, we could move nacho in. he is getting tired of hanging out in the medical room. if rosie doesn't move soon, I may have to be prepared to deal with the viral risk and move nacho over to the house.

apparently Wilbur got caught between the rent-a-fence and the brand new septic took KO and ali a while to get him out again. I called anne and she will arrange for the fence company to come and pick up the fence since we are done with it now anyway.

well..i guess I should make something for dinner, then get the feeding and meds done and finish the day off with a hot bath, a couple of muscle relaxants and toddle off to bed.



Nacho is such a love bug. I wish he would find a home of his own. At one point four of the five cats I had at the time were FIV positive and it was never an issue. Sometimes cats test positive after they have been vaccinated against it.


Just catching up with Carol's blog. A couple of years ago I decided to try a walk-a-thon. Never been to one before so really didn't know what I was doing. Sent out some pledge sheets and showed up at the right time and place. I got $700 for no work. I thought, wow, this is easy money. No wonder so many charities do it. Last year was our third attempt at a walk-a-thon. We had about 17 participants who raised $3400.

Beagle Paws does a calendar every year. People pay $5 to have their pets picture in the calendar. Obviously only 12 full size pictures make it in the calendar but some make it to a side bar and others on the centre page. They also sell advertising space. Calendars are available for $15 each. I suspect Beagle Paws makes fairly good money at it since they do it every year.

If you do a craft sale can someone let me know. I have a volunteer who is quilting crazy.