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i have got to be careful...another day is not always another dollar may be another dollar out.

Carol  ·  Mar. 25, 2014

I spent all of last night on the phone...twice with renee and once with chris about the new guy, once with erin about teddy, two indepth calls with potential gerty adopters and I finished the night off with a nice call from james...(pac's old and now soon to be new dad.)

I was pretty much stuck in with the new guy anyway so it was a good night to just sit here and talk on the phone.

with a possible couple of more adoptions..i need to be very careful here. there is a 17 year dog in my inbox and this morning a cat who's owner will be dying in the next few days. I will most likely say yes to both of these..just like I did to 18 yr old oliver/romeo. they need us, we're here so what the hell am I supposed to say?.

but with the recent number of adoptions, I was beginning to feel just a little less panicked about money because our numbers were going down. panic is going to rise again with every yes that comes out of my mouth.

jeezus carol, I swear to god I am going to tattoo it on your forehead....we have the room but not the finances so freaking quit saying yes!
alright, alright, alright already..i will try to remember that when the elderly fur folks come banging at the gate!
gawd! I hate talking to myself because both of me is usually right so how do i argue with that?

do you know that this is something else I have learned in is actually possible to have two opposing arguments and both will be right or both will be wrong or both will be both right and wrong. this is why holier than thou and know it all attitudes drive me insane. we may know somethings but we don't know everything so try to respectfully give someone with a differing opinion at least a bit of a break.

whatever. its a brand new day. lets see if I can get thru it without yabbering back and forth and freaking myself out again.



thx so much susan and Elisabeth! and so sorry for the inconvenience of having to re-do it all again.


I will follow up again with the lady who was interested in Bea and try to set up an appointment with her this weekend.


No, Susan, you're not the only one. I have been meaning to do that too...will do this week!

Susan H

Carol, I just realized that I forgot all about re-signing up for my monthly donations, since the new system came into place. I wonder if there's more people out there like me? Is there any way to track that? Send reminders? Maybe I'm the only one hopefully. I will redo that right now.


i have got to be careful…another day is not always another dollar may be another dollar out.: I spent a...