Rescue Journal

arghh..can't sleep.

Carol  ·  Mar. 26, 2014

head swirling, nothing particular..just the regular so very many unhappy animals in the world tonight kind of thing.

the saints guys are all ok tho... except tedz blew open another abcess so is back in confinement until the culture results come in.
oliver the new old skinny dog is settling in well.
the chicks have grown like weeds and have moved out to the grown up chicken areas. still not sure if they are roosters or chickens, it will be awhile before I know that yet.
I still worry about Crosby and jack losing their friends and wish an adult chicken and a female budgie would come here looking for rescue so our guys could have new friends.

I bought owen 2 more bags of cheese curds from cheeseworks on my break today. he really likes it when I put out cheese treasure hunts for him. he especially needed it tonight because he was all upset over his area being upside down. I fixed it all up for him and then set out his treats and after he found them all he settled down to sleep.

whatever that smell was, whether it was or wasn't the pee under the couch...between the bleach and me we got rid of it so it smells ok in here again.
mo came tonight and took tina off to the suite for a bit for a movie night. except she couldn't get the dvd player to work. I will look at it on my day off and see if it is broken or if mo just didn't know how to work it. I haven't been up in the suite for a hideaway day in months so I am not sure what is working or not up there right now.

shawn and her dad have repainted the entrance and are now starting on the laundry area...amazing how a nice coat of paint freshens everything up. thx so much you guys, it is all looking great!

I was too busy at work again to call about that 17 yr old dog in my inbox, I must try to do that tomorrow for sure!
I did hear from the folks about the cat whose owner is dying. the cat is only about 8 or 9 years old and normally that would disqualify him from saints except he is a very chronic and dedicated sprayer. oh not yay..he won't ever get comes another lifer for saints.

vern is pretty much done his reno work here..the new frail sheep (aka new septic field that big barn guys can't walk on) is done. the computer room is finished with the new window installed. the re-configuration of the outside cat run is done. all that is left is for me to find some time to clean up the rocks and branches and re-seed the new sheep pasture, pressure wash the green slime off the cat run and get to the repainting, then the cats can have their preferred non reno lives back and the ancient and crippled sheep can have a very quiet and safe area just for them.
yikes! that sounds like a lot of work left for me. too bad we don't have more money or I could have sucked vern into another week of doing saintly things.

grhh..buddy took olivers bed, that means another big quilt on the floor because oliver doesn't seem to like the raised karunda beds.

damn dogs..and I guess I better go back to bed myself and hope for the wake up alarm is a mere 4 and a half hours away...I am going to be so tired in the morning.
dear god, please do me a favor and turn off my head.



Hmm... maybe set up a reciprocal agreement with Greyhaven Exotic Bird Sanctuary? They have a few sexed female budgies that are looking for homes. They might have an idea for a buddy for Crosby too! Just a suggestion, not telling you how to run SAINTS. You know best!


arghh..cant sleep.: head swirling, nothing particular..just the regular so very many unhappy animals in the w...