Rescue Journal

sick days suck.

Carol  ·  Mar. 28, 2014

I felt crappy so I worked thru lunch and got off early. all I wanted was a quiet, stress free afternoon to rest.
or not.

new dog in..she hit the driveway just about when I hit the bed.

her name is princess, looks like a shep/rotti cross. she is old, pretty darn sore and weak in the back end. I would guess her around 10 or 12 yrs of not the easiest of living.

the family rescued her about 5 years ago from some kind of outside home, they gave her away about 8 months ago and then was given her back a couple of days ago because the people said she was dying and couldn't get up. these folks can't keep her so today was drive around and find somewhere for her to go. I think she just needs some arthritis meds and some antibiotic ointment for an eye infection, they were not sure if she is spayed or not so I guess we will check that out too. she looks like a chubby version of kirk and she is not really happy right now about being here.

there were tears and gratitude from the family that brought handed me $50, the son slipped me 2 20's, the daughter apologised as she gave me a loonie, a toonie and a five dollar bill, it was all that she had. I told them once they walked away and left her here, that was it, they could not come back and visit her, it would break her heart again.

welcome princess, we will do our best for you.

god. rescue is just so freaking sad.



Sad - but full of magnificent people like you, Carol. Poor Princess - at least now she'll come to know she has a home and stability for life. And that $100 will get eaten up with her first month of meds...


sick days suck.: I felt crappy so I worked thru lunch and got off early. all I wanted was a quiet, stress free...