Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Apr. 3, 2014

it is amazing how a new bed can screw some of us up. i had a horrid sleep..either the plastic on the mattress has to come off or i have to cut down the kingsized foamy to put on top. the thick heavy plastic makes the bed hard, hot and i had nightmares all night long.


jerry did not fare much better, apparently 20 inches less of bed means jerry will three times fall off the bed.


there is also less room for robbie's and gertie's nightly roughousing..


tina got bowled over a few too many times and was not happy about that.

ripples in the freaking smaller, less laundry, more floor space pond.

well..i have pretty much wasted three whole days goofing around with the new i have some serious work piling up that i actually do have to get to. whatever, at least whatever bug i have been down with seems to finally be gone..i felt like crap for almost a full week!

the bloodwork is back on both oliver and princess. oliver's shows normal extreme aging wear and tear things, plus some inflammation and infection, most likely from his teeth. the vet says we should be able to do a dental relatively safely if we can build up his weight first. princess's bloodwork wasn't horrible except for an elevated calcium which could mean some cancer somewhere..or not.


babette is still in the clinic while they try to figure her out.


tess has been pretty spunky (for her) since she was shaved down. she may not have the best collie type hairstyle but she is feeling quite perky and well.

of course i wasted all the nice weather to sit inside and work on the book..looks like the rain is coming, guess i will be getting wet and it serves me right for being stupid...again.

if anyone is interested in seeing the new movie 47 ronins...all i can say is don't bother. i still have not called shaw to come and set me up with a new remote, i damn well better do that today! nothing worse than laying sleepless in bed late ast night and watching bad movies.

the cats have FINALLY figured out the new cat door, they are apparently slow learners.

i think that is all of the least it is all that i can remember.



updates: it is amazing how a new bed can screw some of us up. i had a horrid sleep..either the plastic on the ...