Rescue Journal

its a cosmic conspiracy

Carol  ·  Apr. 7, 2014

to stress me out as much as possible so that i screw up and smoke.

my new used fridge has died...freaking bastard! it heard me talking about it today. i was in the appliance store buying a new burner for my also new used stove. i was cooking up a big pot of spaghetti to freeze up and last me the week since i am back to work on wed. and i accidently left the back burner on and one of the tupperware containers was on top and it melted. hence this necessitated a trip to the appliance store to replace the now wrecked burner. while i was there, i said i loved my new used fridge BECAUSE it had the bottom freezer which meant benny could lay in front of the fridge and i could still open it.

i find it far too great of a coincidence that my burner got wrecked and my fridge decided to die on the very same day right in the middle of me trying NOT to freak out while quitting smoking.
someone in the cosmos must be bored and stacking the deck against me.

cosmic dickhead.

i got the new sheep area, the back and front yard re-seeded..that was fun..not.
princess still will not get up on her own. get up princess, i am getting tired of hauling you around.
max goes in first thing in the morning for his dental.

i just finished moving the more critical stuff from the house fridge over to the mp room fridge, all of that freaking spaghetti i made today. whatever..i saved the insulin, that was the most important thing anyway. i will call the appliance guys tomorrow and hope they can come out and fix the fridge...i will be SO UPSET if it is something really big because i REAllY like that fridge and cannot afford to buy a new one just like it.

and despite it all..i still have not cheated but i am in a really bad mood.



would you consider the e-cigarettes to be a form of cheating? my daughter has one and loves it.


its a cosmic conspiracy: to stress me out as much as possible so that i screw up and smoke. my new used fridge...