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virtual reality

Carol  ·  Apr. 9, 2014

i was in a rage patch on because they were making me house fridge for a week because the repairs guys were booked and busy and my very last day of holidays which i had planned out to a T so i could have a few hours in the afternoon to hang around and do nothing. but when reality hit i was still playing get it done and re-seeding the back yard at 5 pm.

fine to be all calm and worry about shit tomorrow..but there is no tomorrow..i am back to work now until my next set of holidays..pre-open house in june.

i suppose it is great to live in a virtual world where nothing is really ugly and real. but this morning i woke up to a laundry room slimed up with shit that had to be cleaned up pretty damn quick before owen and max got all slimed up with diarrhea too. i watch all these people who manage to save a ton of dogs just by networking thru a computer...the desperate posts and photos...the way to go and pats on the back when it all works out in the end...and i, i am doing the wrong kind of rescue.

i have 5 days marked off on the smoking, no cheating. i do not feel good about just pisses me off that there is still 2 more weeks to go before i fulfill my promise not to smoke for 20 days.

whatever. the re-seeding step 1 is done...step 2 is a few weeks away. there is a new fridge in my kitchen so i do not have to run back and forth between the mp building and the house several times during the day.
max is home from his dental, mama mia and shelby (fosters) are both in the vets for assessments.

note to staff and volunteers...
please try to keep the dpgs off of the re-seeded areas as much as possible. send the big guys down below to the lower pasture instead of letting them hang around in the yards, or alternately, keep them in and let them out for quick pee breaks..whatever you can do to keep them off the seeded areas as much as you can. hopefully the grass grows should, this weeks weather report is perfect grass growing weather.



i have zippo for patience right now, so if folks could just not make shit more complicated than it needs to be..i might actually get thru this. the problem is everyone thinks everything is negotiable and trust me, nothing is negotiable right now!


im glad i wasnt there lol i so feel sorry for all the crap you have been going thru and not smoking on top of it for me would be the straw that broke the camels back. just know we r rooting for u and thinking good thoughts for you.


virtual reality: i was in a rage patch on because they were making me house fridge for...