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Day 4 of Volunteer Week - Meet saints weekend warriors Fionna and Erin

Jenn  ·  Apr. 9, 2014

In cased in you missed it, it's National Volunteer Week. All week we are featuring some of the very special people who's hands and hearts help to care for the saints.

Meet two more of our incredible volunteers:

Fiona says she “belongs” in the barn and her love for working with all different animals is seen the smile that in on her face upon arrival at SAINTS. She absolutely loves being around the animals and knowing they are cared for and clean; she is a kind and loyal weekend warrior for sure! In addition, Fiona enjoys being with the other volunteers and seeing the attention that is always given to them, and said “ You can see that volunteers believe animals do truly come first.” Fiona came to find SAINTS two years ago via the website looking for more weekend warriors. She manages to fit in volunteering with her work at Vancouver Community College, her 28 year retired thoroughbred, an 8 year old Jack Russell rescue from LAPS, and her 11 year old terrier/ poodle cross from SAINTS. This busy lady keeps returning on the weekends because of her love for the outdoors, the animals, and the smell of clean shavings. Fiona finds peace in just being here. The tough parts are the losses, losing a SAINT is always hard; however, she has one particularly fond memory. She remembers the time she had thought she had lost Twosie. After cleaning the pig area, giving them fresh hay and water, she did her normal double check. One pig seemed to be missing. How did Twosie get out? Perplexed and concerned, Fiona called and called and rechecked their house. Suddenly a little face peeked out of the mound of hay! Geesh, it was a disconcerting game of hide and seek but Twosie clearly enjoyed it! The kind and fun loving dog, Al, is also fondly remembered by Fiona. Gilbert is also loved. Gideon….you were such a trooper. Fiona’s three words for SAINTS? Caring, loving, determined.

volunteers fiona grooming flicka (3)

volunteers fiona grooming gideon (6)

twosie (7)

Erin is an integral member of the SAINTS community. Her passion for the animals and their well-being is unsurpassed. Erin found SAINTS five or so years ago when she started off as a volunteer and is now part of the staff. However, she not only works here five days a week but still comes in on her days off to groom, clean, declutter, and just do whatever needs to be done. Can you say dedication? Those of you who know Erin know that she is an outspoken and intelligent lady. However when Erin does not need words is when we can bear witness to her love for the animals here at SAINTS. It is evident in every furry head that gets petted, every room that gets cleaned…it is in every move she makes. When asked what her favorite memory is, it is about June and the first time they sat side by side on the couch for shake a paw. The loss of Halo was hard on Erin. Halo was only with us for three short months after being removed from a situation where she never knew love, care, or the inside of a house. The thing was with Halo, she not only came from a horrific situation, she also had cancer and it spread very quickly. Every day, Erin made Halo sandwiches to hide the pills, and everyday Halo looked to Erin for kindess and love. One day, Erin’s respect and loyalty for Halo helped the pain end as she went to the bridge knowing what love was. Erin, you are so deserving of her respect and love….all the animals and fellow volunteers think so.

erin and cats (2)


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Stayed tuned all week as we continue to introduce you to more of our incredible volunteers. Check out more of our volunteer features here:



Day 4 of Volunteer Week – Meet saints weekend warriors Fionna and Erin: In cased in you missed it, it’s Nation...

Debra now in Malaysia

Oh Erin ,

I remember Halo, my sister fell in love with her. A sweet girl she was. Thanks for taking care of her.


It’s day four of Volunteer Week and we continue to feature some of the very special people who help to care for...