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A special volunteer weekend warrior shout out to Shawn

Jean  ·  Apr. 11, 2014

I would like to give a special thank you to Shawn. In addition to her full-time job, after school activities, caring for her own dog crew (one is a former saint) and her many other volunteer duties, Shawn has been putting in extra time over the last few weeks to work with many of our volunteers to write all of the wonderful features for Volunteer Week. As well, tomorrow and Sunday she will be bringing coffee and treats for our weekend warriors to enjoy in the MP building after their hard days work. We are certainly luck to have her on our team!

Shawn has been with SAINTS for two and half years now. Shawn cannot write this in the third person….I am Shawn and I am writing this as well as the other bios as I was asked to help with Volunteer Appreciation Week. I have gone from being just an MP room volunteer, to helping Nicole find new volunteers, to helping Carol with maintaining animal files, and now to helping recognize all the amazing volunteers. Why do I do it? I love SAINTS and everything it stands for; it is truly my happy place! Always being an animal lover and looking for a place to donate my time, I found SAINTS and came to an Open House. When done the tour, I dropped off my application in hopes of volunteering. I am a full time teacher at an Abbotsford Middle School, I coach throughout the year, I love to golf and tennis, and garden as well as spend time with my new husband (I got married in August) and our three dogs- Bosco, Otis, and Norm ( our SAINTS adoptee). My most memorable moment was when I heard fellow volunteer Jamie call to me, “ Someone is waiting on you to go home.” I saw Norm ( who was then called Charm) sitting on some rocks staring into the space I had just left. He stayed there until I came back to pet him yet again. What can I say? He had me at hello…even if he is blind and deaf! I could bring Nom home, but the ones I couldn’t that touched my heart will never be forgotten. Manny, who would look at me with those eyes, almost embarrassed but so grateful, to ask for help up. Black Buddy tottering around and so happy to be in a home where he felt loved and cared for. Current laundry room resident- Owen has a piece of my heart now, he wants nothing more than arms to hold him and to be petted ( his tongue comes out when he is happy). There are many more that have touched my heart, and Carol knows I am a complete softie and I would take more home if Kevin would let me. Of course, the losses rock me to my core and often people ask how do I do it? For a short time, a long time, or an in between time, SAINTS gives these guys a home- a place to feel loved, to be fed, to have a soft bed, and to have their needs met. That’s why I do it….for Carol…and for the animals. My three words to describe SAINTS: Community, Rewarding, Awe-Inspiring.

me and norm

Stayed tuned tomorrow for more volunteer features.

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A special volunteer weekend warrior shout out to Shawn: I would like to give a special thank you to Shawn. In ...


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