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random thoughts about breeding

Carol  ·  Apr. 13, 2014

can you imagine how sick it would be to purposefully breed humans to obtain the perfect specimen of mankind. we could have different breeds of humans, each with its own set of ideal conformation and standards...asian, hispanic, anglo-saxon, first nations, indonesian, african, many breeds of humans, with unique conformations could we come up with. and what if we had human best of breed shows where the best of the best competed for trophies, for ribbons..for the chance to be champions and earn the right to be top breeders of more.

sounds pretty sick doesnt manipulate genes, to breed towards a specific super human goal. because we know as a species that not only are we better than that, that we deserve more respect for ourselves than that..we also know that the outside package is is our minds, our hearts, our spirits that defines us, that the real priceless treasure is not on the outside of how we look...but within where the soul of us dwells.

so why is it ok to do this with animals..what makes us think the sum of their intrinsic wonderful comes from the lines from which we bred them. are their bodies just things that we own, manipulate and use to create what..the perfect specimen of dog..(or cat, or bunny, or horse, or chicken, of goose or whatever animal it is that we are bound and determined to improve.) is that what they are to experiment in making them better.

i have a unto others as you would have them do unto you. i am not a thing to be perfected. i am not to be held up against some kind of mindless human breed standard. i am not nor ever will be a breeding line or plan.

we say we love dogs, we say we love all animals and we accept that their bodies, their very cells are enslaved to us to manipulate, to mutate, as our ego attempts to create what we consider to be the perfectly bred by humans beast.

and yet the further we go, the more we remove them from who and what they are meant by nature to be.

think about it..what if it was you and your genes...



Sure sheds a different light on this when you start to think of creating the perfect human. I used to be proud of some of the working breeds that fought against "ruining" the breed by allowing the kennel club to recognize them as "purebreds".


Must be something in the air but I was complaining to one of my volunteers who is also a vet tech about the same thing today. Toying with genes to create a specific look. And not only that but cropping ears and tails. I seriously do not understand people.