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i am are ok.

Carol  ·  Apr. 15, 2014

it was a low key day yesterday..i did not do much...washed a couple of windows, sorted out a worry, did my laundry, cleaned the bathroom, went out for lunch with mo...had a couple of naps. anyway..i made up for the lack of sleep from the night before which was good but consequently today i have a few more things to do....and..i might not get to them all.

i think i have figured out how despite all of the shit in rescue..i still manage to survive pretty well.
ok..smoking helped..
but its more than that.

its because i don't care. i don't care who is good or bad, right or wrong, smart or stupid, friend or makes absolutely no difference to me as long as the pain in the ass-ers are not in my would be a little bit TOO close.

people get mad at me because i do not think like them, speak like them, twist myself into pretzels to be like them....why would i want to do any of that? but more importantly..why would anyone want me to do any of those things anyway?...why would anyone care?

do you know that i NEVER start a fight in rescue...i will fight back and i will protect myself and saints but i never go knocking on anyone's door and start whacking away.
and do you know why i will never do this?
because not only do i not really care what other folks are up to, that's their business not also because it is totally fucking rude.

if i do not trust someone, i distance myself, if really am against what someone is doing..i turn and walk away.

i am not the cop, the judge, the one made me a bounty hunter to MAKE someone pay.

i just step around them and continue on my own merry way.

am i right in this?

of course i am right..i ALWAYS think i am right..that's why i do things my way.

and if i am always right..then everyone else must always be wrong. but i am totally ok with that....everyone else CAN be's fine with me..i do not care.

do people understand this>?

i survive in rescue because i am ok with always being right and everyone else always being wrong.

ok..i am joking with you.

i survive in rescue because i am ok with who i am..and i am ok with who everyone else is too because who they are has nothing to do with who i am.

politics thrives in rescue because we think we have the right to write the script on rescue life for someone else or for everyone else to live. we have the right to write our OWN scripts but that's it.
the really big script writers whose ego's insist on changing the entire rescue landscape to match their version of the world need to move to hollywood where the budgets are bigger to pay actors to follow these oscar worthy scripts.

politics in rescue ultimately hurts more animals every year than all the abusers and losers combined.

i am are ok.

live with it.

keep politics out of rescue.



i am ok…you are ok.: it was a low key day yesterday..i did not do much…washed a couple of windows, sorted out ...