Rescue Journal

i was feeling somewhat less bitchy

Carol  ·  Apr. 16, 2014

until until i got home and benny knocked over one of the big bowls of water and flooded the computer room...are you kidding me??? that bowl was in absolutely plain freaking view. i totally love benny but i swear he is the biggest uncoordinated ox in the world.

i stopped at the grocery store on my way home from work..we needed toilet paper and apparently i needed a giant cheesecake. day 13 no smoking no cheating...lets just gain 100 unnecessary pounds, oh please, lets do.

geezer checked out ok at the vets so he is clear to join the rest of our crew. i think we will wait until after the long weekend tho to move him.

bru is back while jenn and jiv are away so heads up to the volunteers..bru will be in with owen this holiday weekend. i am a bit worried that if they both start circling at the very same time, they might bounce off each other. i will have to stock up on a ton of de-circling treats. owen likes buns and bread the best of all...bru is on a strict special diet not sure what i can use when he is with owen. i highly doubt he will want a carrot when owen has a dinner roll.

conan and morgan are playing together on the big cat tree. i don't know what morgan is thinking..i would never play with conan the barbarian, he is freaking crazy!

gertie got kicked out of my room..when i came home the staff had her in a time out. apparently she was being too rough with angel and freaking angel out. i will take her back to bed with me later but i will pop her back into the computer room before i leave for work in the morning so angel doesn't get freaked out again.

erin said ollie did ok with his first swim..he didn't love it but he was sort of ok with it all. we will try him again a couple of more times and see if he developes an appreciation for it. i do not want to be torturing the poor little fat dog.

i guess i better go let the big dog room guys out now that ollie is home and everyone is gone for the day. they have been waiting but i told them if they were not such over reactive donut holes they could have gone out is their own fault that i don't trust them to quietly be outside and behave.



Poor babe, Bru has a sensitive tummy so unless you want to be cleaning up is mess its up to you what you feed him. Nevermind its not because I don't want sick tummy sick when I pick him up on Sunday night. He doesn;t eat carrot but I'll get some liver treats for him and he can have boiled chicken with his meds. Should I write out come care instructions too? He likes to be taken outside between 6:30 and 7:30 am depending on when he wakes up, then he gets breakfast and pills, and out again around luchtime, he gets another mini snack, then at dinner time between 5 and 6, he gets dinner and then he likes out at around 9pm and then he gets another pill and a few mini snacks until he settles for bed - although he probably wont settle very much at your house! He circles and cries most of the time when he isn't sleeping. Have fun!


I was chuckling / found the humour in that phrase too. Carol does come up with some good ones.


DONUT holes? lol! I call those dogs some choice things sometimes, but its never been donut holes! tommorrow is a brand new day :)


i was feeling somewhat less bitchy: until until i got home and benny knocked over one of the big bowls of wate...