Rescue Journal

good friday or not?

Carol  ·  Apr. 18, 2014

sometimes it amazes me when i wake up to the peace and quiet of living with almost 50 wrecked animals in my house. none of them are awake yet and therefore the floors are relatively and easy to mop up this early...i sit with my cup of tea surrounded by clean floors and comfortable and safe sleeping bodies.
it is a pretty good feeling.

of course the feeling won't is a stat and i am working. this means with no staff here today i have more than a dozen dogs to feed/med before i leave for work, a more after work plus the barn bedtime. it makes for a very long day. but thankfully the volunteers are here to take care of all of the stuff in the middle or i would be totally screwed!

it looks like it stopped raining, hopefully the volunteers will get a bit of a break from the wet today..(me too at barn bedtime!)
but thanks to the also looks like my grass seed is finally just starting to sprout so in a couple of days, i should be able to see which areas will need a little more help. i really need the grass to start growing, i cannot stand this beaten up land drives me insane.

everyone seems to be doing ok...jesse is still barely hanging in by a thread..but the fact of the matter is..he is still hanging in. tu is getting so frail but she is utterly ancient for a rabbit now too, i still would like a few more pounds on gilbert..too bad ollie can't share some of his!

the chi's are back for a bit in the medical room while johanna is off to england...shep is settled ok for his month of hanging with us and bru is coming today for the long weekend.

we have two young (3 yr old) small dogs coming in from up north. they are not really special needs except they need to find a home together. we will get them spayed/neutered etc... and then try to find them a really great home. if anyone knows anyone great looking for a brother and a sister pair..please let me know.

and i guess i better get moving on the feeding or i will be late for work.

hope everyone has a good, Good Friday!



good friday or not?: sometimes it amazes me when i wake up to the peace and quiet of living with almost 50 wre...