Rescue Journal

bad night..i am tired. thank god this is my last day of this work set.

Carol  ·  Apr. 20, 2014

i left flicka's stall door open last night for ziggy..i thought he might like to wander in and out because he knew how deeply flicka was attached to him. when i checked the cameras around midnight..he was laying in the middle of her stall sleeping. i wonder if being in her room gave him comfort?

it was a bit of a tough night, i did not sleep well because of pain. i guess i over did it during the holy shit emily is loose and freaked out encounter..i needed tyenol, advil and robaxin to finally bring the aching down to a dull roar.
it didn't help that bru decided to get vocal around midnight and share his grief at getting dumped here for the weekend with anyone near who had ears. or that he and owen at different times, each had a poo and walked thru it which made for 2 big laundry loads. sorry folks, i did get those thru but did not make it to the basket of yesterdays left over stuff.

big thx to all of the easter holiday weekend warriors for being here for our guys. big thx to everyone who helped out with flicka's final hours and big thx to erin who came up to check on emily after i had gone back to work. while she was here she rescued luna who had climbed out the window again. this time into the pouring rain with no way to get back into the house again. such a sweet dumbo girl. erin also saved owen who apparently got himself wedged in behind the washer..poor blind babe. quick note for everyone to leave the laundry garbage bin and laundry linen basket where they are to keep this from happening again.

yesterday was a pretty rough 16 of no smoking no cheating and i cheated and smoked.

i know i owe all of you folks who pledged to this, 20 days of no smoking at the very least. so today i am starting all over is dqy 1 of no smoking no cheating for me.
so sorry i am such a freaking nicotene weakling..40 years of using smoking for coping is a really hard habit to break.
i will try harder.


another Doreen

No one, including yourself, should blame you for "cheating" and having a cigarette Carol. Quitting smoking is one of the hardest things to do! It is such a poweful addiction.
But I'm glad you've resolved to try again - for at least another 20 days. Few people manage to beat any addiction the first time they try, but the successful ones keep trying!


you're in enough pain, Carol. please don't beat yourself up more. no one expected what happened to happen.
start again.
you can do it.


I agree with all the other posts - don't beat yourself up about your smoking relapse - yesterday sounds like a truly heartbreaking day.


my loved-from-afar Ziggy thanks you. in view of all you went through I consider it a testament to your devotion for all your SAINTS that you were able to think of his feelings and how best to help him.
if I had a day like you had yesterday I would have consumed an entire pack in about 13 1/2 minutes... no apologies and no self-recriminations are either warranted or needed. hoping for a better day for you today. happy Easter to you and all those whom you hold dear, regardless of how many legs they have


I agree, you deserve a smoke after all that yesterday. I certainly won't hold it against you.


the windowes in the sunroom are taped shut. please leave them that way (assuming that luna hasnt yet broken them open already)


hey dont be so hard on urself. it was a horrible day and like brenda said no apologies necessary. i dont know how u do it


No apology necessary Carol - I can't imagine how difficult yesterday was - and Ziggy in Flicka's stall is a heart breaker too. I hope you get some respite from your physical pain today. I am working today, so Happy Easter to everyone. at SAINTS