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Housekeeping...YVR pick-up?

Carol  ·  Apr. 20, 2014

Post by Erin.
Just some housekeeping things...First, we need someone to pick up the two small dogs being flown down from NARA in Terrace via Airco. This someone needs to be at Airco at YVR at 10:15 Tuesday am. Please leave comment below or tell Carol if this is something you are available to do. These are two cute little things, I pulled their pic from NARA's facebook page. Their names are Babes and Spot. Freakin cute huh?

Also the Changes Recycling Program at Save-On-Foods is no longer. Instead, please take your cans and bottles to the recently relocated Return-It Bottle Depot (kitty-corner from McDonalds) on Park Street in Mission. I returned my bottles yesterday and donated the proceeds to Saints so I know the system works, you just have to tell the guys at the till. Yes, you still have to sort your own stuff and bring it up to the front to have it tallied and everything, but the new site makes this easy, lots of space! And, cmon, its for a good cause. Unfortunately there is no sign in the new building telling the public that they CAN donate their money. I have asked if I can put one up, so we will see. Word of mouth for now. Tell everyone! 1902799_792774307401555_5747524066303687410_n



Carol, I live in Richmond; if it would help, I could pick them up and meet you somewhere half-way...?

shelagh f

so have sent directions.
hope it is clear for you.
you might need a cigarette after all that
traffic, (kidding)


thx guys but they are arriving on tuesday. i am off so i can go down and get them. shelagh can you email me clear directions cuz i can get lost in a closet! thx!!


I can also pick them up any other time than Tuesday morning as I'm off for a week starting Wednesday.

shelagh f

does it have to be tuesday? Could do Thursday if no one steps forward for tuesday


Just wanted to let whoever know. I was perusing our animals on the Petfinder site. Wow, good work, I like how it is looking with multiple photo's & write-ups. Kudos to the web master.