Rescue Journal

tu has passed away

Carol  ·  Apr. 21, 2014

she was our oldest and most senior rabbit. tu came to us back in early 2005 from SARS. she was pretty aggressive when she first arrived..we were at the old trailer site and she was in the house in a cage, and i had to use a dustpan placed strategically between her and me in order to clean out her cage. some rabbits are like that..aggressive when cage bound but ok once they have more freedom to move. once we got tu out of her cage, she became a great rabbit..she just needed a bit more freedom to not be afraid.
tu has become increasingly more frail over the past year or so. i thought she didn't look great last night and when i gave them their treats she wasn't interested so i figured her end was getting near....tu LOVED russell rabbit..her head was always in the bowl before i was even finished pouring.
tu had a good life with us..many very good friends, some that have passed on before her, some that are still here. if there is a heaven, she will have friends waiting to greet her.

rest in peace tu, you were a very good rabbit and you will be missed.



Hug to all in the rabbit crew.... You give them such great care and so much sweet Tu


I remember never being able to keep their names sorted when giving a tour. I could never spit out Tu and Rudy, it always came out tuddy and ru.


Tu was a beautiful rabbit very sweet and gentle . She loved her treats and would always be waiting patiently for them . She has not been looking good very frail and weak. Penny and I have taken extra time with her. Penny just said on Sunday she wanted to give Tu extra hugs and Kisses since she thought Tu might not be with us long and unfortunately penny was right. We will miss you Tu we will miss you and so will your friends Amber and Daniel.


Rest peacefully, beautiful Tu. She didn't look good on Sunday either - very weak and frail, but she always enjoyed her treats. Had a feeling her time had come, so gave her extra hugs and kisses on Sunday. She was such a sweet, loving rabbit with a gentle soul. We will miss you so much, little one.