Rescue Journal

quicky news

Carol  ·  Apr. 25, 2014

the new guys are settling. we had a bit of an upset with the bunnies..they kind of got mixed up in transit so the pairings were off. we got them fixed up today and into the right groups so that is good...whew. dim sum is really trick and trick was really spalding and the two black boy brothers are bonanza and steel. i will try to get all of the pens properly labelled with who is who tomorrow.

babes and spot are fully settled in. sparky is just freaking adorable in a totally messed up way. hank is still flipping over his ouchies..cannot wait until he can get out of that cone!~
and tinsel is here...she is a nice little diabetic cat..AND...absolutely stunning. not really torte..more like a black and orange brindle...very pretty and unique.

i am quite frustrated by the amount of destruction going on in the big dog room..bad enough they are eating the furniture..but luna has now started on the walls....grhhh.

the grass is starting to places and barely! i need to pick up some fertilizer and see if i can give it a zap to grow better.

we need a window washing party...if i provide the pizza and beer..who is in for the sudsy fun??

well..the bed buddies are calling..i best be responding...

see you guys tomorrow.



Cool names looking forward to meeting them all.. How is Logan and Ray geting along since Logan is so young iam hoping Ray will except him.