Rescue Journal

breaking bad

Carol  ·  Apr. 29, 2014

arghhh...some days (or nights) i really hate preacher. last night he apparently climbed up onto the toaster oven counter, climbed up into my cupboard, knocked everything out of the cupboard and wrecked the new saints book by saturating it with soya sauce.


i never heard everything falling out because it all fell on odie's thick bed so that little dickhead got away with his evil deed without me catching himn red handed.
nice mess for me to clean up preacher, thanks so very much and now odie's bed smells like soya sauce too.

i am also none too happy with robbie..last night I saw him positioning himself for a pounce on hank when he was coming up the stairs to the bed. i said..robbie don't do it..i mean it, don't do it..but he did it anyway so then he got kicked out of my room and sent to the computer room for the night instead. this morning he is acting like his little long and low heart is breaking at his banishment..too freaking bad.

bru TWICE pooped last night and walked all thru it requiring me TWICE stripping down his room and washing everything again.

but the good news is thanks to sheila, theya is finally back. i sent her out to an elderly foster home a couple of years ago and now her mom is in the hospital and her dad can't look after her so she had to come back. theya got suck in transit partway here which was putting me right over the edge. i do not do well with inbetweening..the animals are either in the homes that i place them or they are here. i am not happy in the grey area between the two..too many things beyond my control can happen. anyway, sheila went and got her for me last night so i could at least put that one worry to bed...big, huge thx to sheila!

hilda and angel had their vet checks yesterday. angel's bloodsugars are good. hilda's blood pressure was down a bit, her hernia was about the same, her eye isn't great and she badly needs a dental..she is heading into abcessed teeth land soon. given the extent of hilda's cardiac disease..she is a HUGE, HUGE surgical risk. we are waiting on the blood work to come back and if it is decent, we will risk the dental and hope she makes it thru.


robbie is sucking up to me as i write this..."i am a sweet boy carol and you love me, you really do!"

i love the sweet robbie boy but not too fond of robbie the bad bully.

ok..better get dressed for work.



I love Theya.. so sorry she lost her foster home ( but secretly happy I will get to see & play with her again )