Rescue Journal

better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all....

Carol  ·  May 4, 2014

and better to have been loved and then lost than to have never been loved by anyone.

i have said it before..death is not the unfeeling monster..death is simply the natural progression at the end of having life.
i cannot imagine a life of not loving greatly, of not being loved and of not greatly grieving those that left me after giving such a gift of loving in life.

my own losses of those souls who took me over and made us one...not only did they bless me in life, but they bless me in their passing because i carry them inside me still.

at some point, if we are lucky..we find a way to come to terms with death. it is the one thing we all have in common. it is the one road we all walk together, some further ahead, some further behind but it is the very same road that eventually will lead us all to the very same place..the end of this life as we know it.

in the meantime our journey can be filled with as much love as we are willing to give. maybe for some souls like black buddy, the love we gave was just for a very short space..but that love he received here was hugely important to him. it made the difference between a life of hardship and loneliness and being loved and cared for at the end.

and this is why there is saints....the hearts here are giving, and giving of more..we don't selfishly hold ourselves back to protect us from the pain of more loss. our pain is nothing in comparison to not only the gift of love that we give...but it is less than nothing when we receive back the gift of their giving their trusting hearts to hold safe until their end.

caring for our saintly ones is a priviledge...we are given souls so overflowing with our own love and their love in return that it lasts us forever.

how lucky are we to care for the ones who will leave us one day, far too soon.

i will love you guys....forever.


Lenore Henry

A beautifully written blog Carol – I must say on every visit to SAINTS I always come away with a feeling of love… for the dear souls that are and were lucky enough to have made it to this little piece of heaven (and yes, dear old Black Buddy, who for once in his life, was shown gentle care and compassion, if only for a short time there) and the genuine love that is on everyone’s face who are a part of SAINTS, giving back, unselfishly and receiving so much in return from the animals there.


Well said, Carol. I get more back from Saints than I give, and think the staff and volunteers all feel the same way.