Rescue Journal

a rescuers work is never done.

Carol  ·  May 6, 2014

tonight after fiddling with the final tune ups for rudy's move to the office (the staff did a great job setting up new areas and moving the crew) i decided to take the dogs for their pm run. good thing i did...good thing i was taking longer than usual dicking around checking out how the grass is growing (not fast enough!)..good thing and perfect timing i just happened to be standing right next to the chicken house when i heard a kerfuffle from inside cuz i had to rescue our turkey.

ohhh crosby, you silly girl. she had climbed into the water bucket (the cool water feels good on her crippled feet...GOD DAMN the commercial farming bastards who CUT OFF HER TOES!!!) but tipped it over when she tried to get back out and caught her leg in the metal handle. THANK GOD she didn't struggle and THANK GOD i was there to rescue her because she would have broken her leg if she tried to rescue herself. whew!!!..dodged the ancient broken turkey leg bullet! i took out the buckets and replaced it with a rubber bowl for now..will look around for something better when i have a day off.

you know...when you look at what we do for our crippled guys to make their lives a little bit easier...99% of it is no big deal. give the ancient, blind, crippled turkey a safer water bowl..give our crippled rooster who must live on his own an indoor safe condo and a nice and safe outdoor play yard.


build our new crippled bulldog a small and safe ramp so he can go in and out on his own.

oh..ratz...we don't have the ramp for him yet because we need someone to build it for him...anyone know anyone who can give us a hand???

update post...YAY ali's hubby is going to build rudy his ramp!!!



ali's hubby is making us a ramp but yes please leila, would love to have it for getting dogs in and out of vehicles..all of our ramps have disappeared!


Carol, I bought Patrick a ramp that I am not using because Patrick didn't like it (so I pick him up to take in and out). Would you like it so it can be used for the bulldog's ramp? or maybe it can be used somewhere else?


Carol, my husband is a carpenter and said he would build it. He just needs the size and dimensions or he can come measure and see exactly where you want it and what you want or would work best. Let me know.

shelagh f

do you have those tipped
over buckets like i used to have for my chickens?
If not i'll get you one
they don't tip over and
they can only drink out of it