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free for all

Carol  ·  May 9, 2014

what i don't get is...if we are going to use animals for companionship, for status, for profit, for sport/entertainment, for clothing, for fill whatever human physical or emotional need..why do we think we do not owe them anything in return?

we actually believe we have the right to use them as freebies? no obligation upon us to even attempt to return some value in living back to them???

humans are so freaking cheap..always grabbing for the very best deal. and we are total blockheads..unable or unwilling to view their lives from their suffering eyes.

and we think abuse or neglect is some giant big horrible thing..we do not get that abuse and neglect can happen in small seemingly inconsequential ways.

think about it..who wants to be eating crap food, who wants to be dirty, who wants to be in pain without at least an advil? who wants to live alone without someone to talk to? who wants to live a life that no one really cares about except what they can take from it?

i don't and neither do you.

it is pretty damn sad.

so many animals here..used up until they were useless and of no value to anyone again.

lucky them, now they are free of the burden of perpetual giving, now their life is about giving back to them.

i wish they all could find that in the end.

just so you 20 day bad idea is i too can do what i want.



well whatever if i had that stress in my life i would probably smoke too no i would drink, which would be much worse to wake up to a bunch of animals with a hangover. lol carol is a big girl if she wants to smoke who cares she pretty much has no other vices in her life give her a break.


Off topic I met a friend from high school today and he told me that one of his dogs is from Saints (I think the Saints name was Forrest?) Small world I say. Looks like the dog found their forever home and looked happy.

Willie C

I used to smoke and I loved to smoke - I smoked and drank coffee and ate less and stressed less, it was a nice calming drug. I did quit (when it was really, really important to me to quit). We all know it is terribly, horribly difficult. Most of the time we really don't want to quit (we just don't want to be sick or die from smoking). Carol is a strong, strong person - she will quit when she really wants to quit.


Ditto Carol! Why put yourself through 39 horrible days just to give up now!!!