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Spot ate the computer Cord to Carol's keyboard....

Sheila  ·  May 20, 2014

So this means that Carol will not be posting until she gets a keyboard since those cords are usually attached permanently to the keyboards.

Carol asked me to write something funny and I am not a very funny person... at least when I write I am not. So I thought I would show off our new family member and show a picture of a senior dog who got a home. Meet Daisy Mae.

Daisy Mae 1

Leila and I adopted her the first week in April from the Maple Ridge BCSPCA. She almost made it to SAINTS cause she was a little leaky at the shelter despite being on medication there. We added a second medication and she is doing fine now.

Here is another picture of her with Patrick, the old guy on the couch, and Raleigh.
Daisy Mae, Patrick, and Raleigh

Nice thing about this new website that I just discovered... if you click on the picture they come up bigger and clearer. So make sure you click on Daisy Mae just so you can take in her beauty up close.



Doreen - I think it may be the camera angle. I am not sure. She does have a growth that has grown inwards towards her pupil in that right eye so that may be why the eye is a little bit more closed. We are going to have it removed.


Carol does have problems with all the technology stuff, doesn't she - between remotes, keyboards and even stoves...but it does provide for good entertainment for those of us that need a morning chuckle. I wonder if we couldn't just provide her with a few spares (remotes, keyboards etc.) that she could store in the shop along with the tons of food??

Daisy Mae is lovely!!


She looks like a very nice dog and is very lucky she has a new family :-)

another Doreen

Daisy Mae is lovely!
Is something wrong with her right eye (or is it just the camera angle?
She is a very lucky girl that you adopted her - leaks and all! Looks like she fits in nicely with the rest of the animal family.