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happy 20th birthday albert spice!!

Carol  ·  May 21, 2014

Hi Carol (and gang at SAINTS),

I’m not sure if you remember me but I adopted who you used to know as “General Spice/Albert” who we adopted along with litte Taffy…. Just wanted to share a pic of the birthday boy who celebrated his milestone 20th birthday on March 29th (the day we adopted him from you 6 years ago).

This little dog amazes me every day with his unbelievable will to live life and I thank god for him all the time……he is truly something special (who’s kidding who they all are).




I remember Albert..he gave the best cuddles..Thanks so much for the update it is wonderful to know he is still out there giving and getting true love. Made my day !!!

lynne arnason

i remember him very well too happy birthday to you. thanks for taking such good care of him.its neat when you hear of the ones that have been adopted years ago.

laura b

Albert Spice..20th b-daythat's so awesome!!!! Yes I remember them well, he and Taffy were great dogsso glad they got adopted together. Thanks for the update.I love happy endings :-)


i had to look up general albert spice, as he was at saints before i was. he came the same day as squirt, who i know well, and smokey the cat, who i never met either. then i got caught up reading about february, 2008. it looks like it was an interesting time, phoebe was a bed buddy, and carol was seriously considering attending a puppy mill auction. early 2008 was just as heartbreaking (sweet pea, albus, and heidis foster sarah all passed the same week that albert spice, squirt and smokey were saved) as late spring 2014. happy birthday general albert, even though weve never met, saints is our tie that binds.