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#ThrowbackThursday - Loving & Losing Lexi

Jenn  ·  May 22, 2014

One this day, five years ago SAINTS and Carol lost Lexi.

Since Carol first created saints in December of 2004 she has loved and lost hundreds of animals. Carol is often asked how she can do it? It is true that it is sad and hearbreaking. However, it is also rewarding - each animal we love and lose, takes a peice of us when they go but they added much more by simply being in our lives and we are fuller because of them.

lexie 2

the perfect dog

by Carol Hine

lexi was not just my dog..lexi was saints dog…she belonged to each and everyone of us.

she was the best dog in the world…i can’t even list all the goodness that was in her…because every goodness that ever existed, existed inside of her.

she was truly the perfect dog.

and no one except us, ever wanted her.

big, black and hairy…crippled and old.

she never had a single inquiry, no one ever asked if they could give her a home.

and what the world outside of saints all missed out on was a dog who loved me more than i have ever been loved in my life.

and she was absolutely determined to demonstrate and prove that love and her loyalty to me, day after day after day.

she made us slow down to wait for her, she made us wait for her to catch up, she made us remember not to forget her and she made us smile and laugh as she took all of her short cuts.

and the only time she ever made me cry was since she passed away.

i am so blessed and humbled to loved like i was by lexi.

i really miss you lex….but i know that somehow, you will always be with me….good, good dog…the very best, most perfect dog.


lynne arnason

lexi was a very good dog, i remember her well. sweet just a truly gentle lovely dog.