Rescue Journal

so here is another reality of rescue

Carol  ·  May 24, 2014

it is 2am and i can't sleep.

tonight i am worried about odie.

one way or another, we all pay for our sins. and tonight i am beginning to be afraid that odie may be paying for his. if he wasn't such an unreasonable and dangerous asshole..i would have taken him into the vets last week. but he is and what has been happening with him is so non specific...he has just been "off" a bit. still eating and drinking and peeing and pooping, no vomitting or diarrhea, no sign of actual pain..but he seemed slower..duller some how...just not really him. so last week, we started him on antibiotics...just in case he had a bladder infection or something else brewing. then i thought maybe his blood sugars were a bit low and that was why he was a bit lethargic so the other day i lowered his dose. it didn't seem to increase in drinking or peeing...that's actually been pretty stable.

far better to take him in and get him checked out properly instead of doing the guessing game. the problem is to go to the vets he would have to be heavily sedated again...and that is where i actually think his problem may lay. we dumped a ton of sedation into that dog to bring him down enough for the vets to be able to handle him. and when i say a ton, i mean a ton...last time they gave him enough to bring down an elephant and odie still did not go down.

so now i am thinking between years of rampaging diabetes before he got here and then loads of sedation type meds when he was so injured and sick...did that push his damaged kidneys past the brink?..maybe..maybe not but i really did not want to hit him with a ton more sedative meds just in case.

well..i might not have any choice. tonight he wouldn't eat his dinner so i held his insulin. i did finally get him to eat some roast chicken but not enough. i can't get him to drink, he doesn't want to get up..not even to pee. he wakes up when i bug him but he's stuck to his bed...what is it odie? pain? weakness? dizziness? nausea?

why can't you be a decently civilized and somewhat cooperative dog and make caring for you easier on you and on us?? why do you have to be such a medical freakout???

odie is who he is...and it has compromised our ability to provide him with our ideal standard of care.

the clinic is not going to be happy when i show up there first thing on saturday morning without any warning with odie the medical psychopath...but something is seriously wrong with him. i can't go to work and just leave him here.

gawd odie!!!! why do you have to be such a pain in the ass????



Carol Ann

Poor Odie, life has not been kind to him. At least he is respected for who he is at SAINTS He is so cute.