Rescue Journal

quick updates

Carol  ·  May 27, 2014

finally..nugget moved to his new chicken glad he is out of the medical room!

vern has started on the pigs new pool cabana's..they should be done in a few days.

bit of a tough night..squirt is not ready to share the kitchen yet. we will leave it with just him and benny and an occasional visit from phoebe until he is more settled after odie's loss.

owen was vomitting and had diarrhea last night...poor babe.

lola and china are doing ok in the computer room but needed some extra TLC while they settle in.

dixie is coming back...her new brother michael hates her and they are fighting constantly. not good for either one so she needs to come back today.

spot and babes are not all that happy to be over in the mp room...not sure what to do about them. hopefully we can find these 2 sweet and young dogs a great home of their own soon.

it was mostly hilda rocking the saints boat for most of the night. her hernia is out and hurting her, making her cry...i keep trying to pop it back in but she is so upset she starts biting and fighting. i kept trying, she kept fighting...neither of us got what we wanted and both of us are tired today. i will drop her off at the vets on my way to work and hopefully they can sort her out.

so i guess i better get moving so i can drop her off...i am fairly certain i will be bringing her home again.,,,fingers crossed.