Rescue Journal

another tough day

Carol  ·  May 30, 2014

there was a lot of stuff going on around here today.

our vet came thru and updated our house file, checking about a dozen of our guys..i have a few things to book for follow up at the clinic.

mystic got her summer-doo..anyone laughs at her and they are fired!

max and luke are back from foster care..they are back in the mp room. neither one seems too upset at being back so that is good.

two newbies in...
molly is a 12 yr old little hairy muttly whose owner passed away.
cola is a small feral most likely a puppy mill escapee or dump... running loose for weeks in surrey with her twin. unfortunately no one could catch them until they dropped from exhaustion...cola was captured but her little buddy was found dead. AC had her in an experienced foster home for the past month but cola is not socialized to people. she most likely will remain here as a permanent sanctuary dog if she is as badly damaged as andy and squirt were.

jamie lost her saints foster dog yoda today. he was ancient and had been battling cancer for the past several months. his best buddy jedi is still with the family and i am sure he will miss his life long friend. thank you jamie and hubby for giving these special boys such an amazing home for the last years of their lives and our deepest condolences on your sad loss.

rest in peace yoda, you were a very good dog.


shelagh f

very sorry to hear about yoda, I am sure everyone in your house will
miss him

lynne arnason

i am so so sorry jamie. i know how much you loved yoda and how special he was. be happy knowing he had a great home. rip dear yoda


Sorry to read about Yoda..((Hug)) for jamie. RIP Yoda..another good dog passes through the door.

Poor Cola..I hope she adjusts quickly.