Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  May 30, 2014

i don't think cola is feral. i also don't think her name is staying as cola...she doesn't know it anyway. i am thinking of calling her marin...she's like a wild celtic spirit...shy, distrustful but not stupid about it either.
she was laying on my bed, an inch away from my head and i can touch and stroke her without her flinching...she just watches me. her ears are ripped to shit, her upper and lower eye lids are surrounded by many tiny scars most likely from a past long term infection...i am wondering if she is an imported street dog who got loose too soon after she was "saved" or a puppy miller who got really horrible care or possibly once a well loved dog who ended up in really unhappy circumstances like some hoarders care. the possibilities of how her life got so screwed up are infinitely endless.

whatever. and where ever she originally came from, her life for sure wasn't anything fact i think her life was most likely crap. the AC staff said she was covered in bruises and scratches when they caught her so at least in the horrible life part, i bet i am right. anyway..she has already figured out that the other dogs adore me so she is not too worried about me as long as i stay careful not to push her too far.

interesting dog.

molly is a sweetie... a little bit shy but still being brave and trusting me. she sleeps curled up behind my knees. she is really good with all of the other dogs and she is settling quickly. the vet checked her over..too thin and her teeth are not good..but both of those things are easy to fix.

yesterday rudi did really well with his neuter and he had a couple of teeth removed.
and also yesterday...sparky did well with his eye enucleation and he had some teeth taken out too.
both boys are home and doing ok.

angel was off this morning, we couldn't get her to eat anything. she perked up tonight and she ate quite well so whatever was bugging her seems to be ok now.

max has a vet appointment first thing in the morning, we need to do a urine culture. his last urinalysis said no infection but that dog is a parapalegic without bladder function so i know those results were not accurate....all parapalegic bladder effected dogs have at least some bacteria growing in their urine.

well i better go back to my slow and easy bonding attempts with marin...whatever life she used to have is all forever over now.



As far as search capabilities go there is a search box on the side bar of the blog and also at the very top of each page there is a magnifying glass that if you click on it there is a seach box there as well.


Hi, I saw your comment about the new site and searching for Hilda. I don't know if you're able to on your end but I can still get to the old site (until it's taken down) and searched for Hilda and the posts came up. So if you can still access it, that may be an option for a while. Maggie