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what's it all about???

Carol  ·  May 31, 2014

despite the difficulties and losses of the past couple of months..despite the normal every day kind of frustrations in rescue (like grass that will not grow!)..i have to say that this year thus far is so much better on the whole than last year. and to be honest the reason for this is quite simply... that we are all once again on the very same page. no conflicting or hidden agendas, no pot stirring, no political underground, just everyone who comes here staff and volunteer, concentrating on the very same look after our animals well.

big sigh..i wonder how long it will last before someone comes here, all gung ho to help us change the world and not even realizing there will be a price they expect us to pay for it.

it isn't even so much that politics kills rescue that bugs me...really who cares? new ones pop up every other day.

there are some really shitty |"rescues" out there with animals suffering without even the basics of good rescue care. they get "saved" and flipped like pancakes...the better the sob story, the bigger the rescue's heroics, the quicker the adoption turnaround, the more money made.

whatever, it's nothing new..animals have been and always will be commodities for gain in some way. and the only way to change that is to walk a different and hopefully a more respectful to animals road.

honestly...there are no hero's in the human saints, no saviors of the world. if you meet a rescue hero...quick! run the other way!!

we are ordinary people doing ordinary things. and while none of it in itself is really all that big of a deal...together we do manage to make it into something pretty damn special.

it is interesting to listen to a discussion around here where a bunch of us are trying to solve some kind of problem and the most common words out of anyone's mouth are..."i don't know.I don't know, I don't know." we all want to know, but we don't so we are stuck with trying thru common sense, experience, knowledge, and thinking outside of the box to come up with a decent answer that will work.

super man and wonder woman know the answers, they instinctively know what to do..the rest of us struggle along trying to figure out what to do. super man and wonder woman are not real except in imaginations. playing rescue's hero house in ones head really doesn't help the animals all that much anyway.

so here is the thing....we need to ask ourselves...what is in this for me?
and i will tell you the answer to that...absolutely nothing...not a god damn thing.

i wouldn't be placing all of my eggs in that silly rainbow bridge bullshit eggs are better spent feeding someone who is hungry, here and right now.

and don't think folks will like you because you do rescue because many most definitely will not. don't think you will become someone highly respected because to the ones that actually count (the animals) are just a good human friend. don't think you will happily count all your triumphs because what you really will be counting are your failures. you will feel like you are standing on the edge of a cliff with a blindfold... knowing you cannot step ahead but afraid to turn right or left when taking a step back is no longer an option. and you most definitely will be manipulated and taken advantage of, lied to, lied about..whatever..insert anything not so fun here.

and these things mean less than nothing too. someone who is here for all of the right reasons cannot be placed up on a hero's pedestle because they don't have time to stand around there and cannot be knocked down into the dirt either because they are too stubborn tio stay put.
they have other things they need to do AND they do not care where others try to stick them...their eyes, their hearts, their minds and their hands are here for one purpose only..providing respectful and compassionate care.

we will not save the world..ever...too big and too totally screwed.

our job is just to simply wipe away a tear or two.

and good luck being a hero or a devil for that.



"i wouldn’t be placing all of my eggs in that silly rainbow bridge bullshit basket…my eggs are better spent feeding someone who is hungry, here and right now."

i love this. i still have a hard time not wishing that shrek was still here. when i have two super fantastic lovely dogs still at home with the possibility of adding one more. ugh, tears at work. thanks.