Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jun. 1, 2014

i had an update on pac..he is doing great and an update on salty, he is settling in well in his new home, no concerns so far. yay both both of our boys!

max and luke have both settled back into saints without any difficulty.

we have 2 of the chi's (michael and lizzie) visiting again while johanna is away. squeaky is not here, she is in being prepped for surgery for a ruptured disc and will be staying in at the clinic until her surgery and during her initial her recovery.

it was another good day. in fact i ran off and did a carona run so some of us got a nice cold beer in the afternoon...brad drank most of mine and he really liked it too!

baby was really bothered by the heat today so she had to be brought back to the barn early. they are all getting sheared late on tuesday so hopefully she will feel cooler soon.

marin and molly are both settling in fine. i am hoping that soon marin likes me as much as molly does!

i think that is most of the news. tomorrow i will post up a list of jobs that need to be done before the open is only three weeks away and we need to get moving on some of this clean up stuff soon.


Carol A.

Just catching up on this last week at SAINTS. I hope little Max is feeling better and that your worries about a possible bladder infection came up negative. I am very glad this little one is settling back in okay. You and all your team are working so hard, and I am sure your open house will be a big success.
I was just watching Hilda's video too. I know you will miss that funny little face. You have one huge heart Carol and more drive than most of us. My small menagerie is enough to keep me busy. Just wanted you to know that I am thinking of all the SAINTS past and present who shelter in your care.


Molly and Marin are both such sweethearts. I hope Marin settles in..she is so sad to think of her out loose running scared.