Rescue Journal

it damn well better rain today like the weather report says.

Carol  ·  Jun. 8, 2014

the grass is in need and last night i was out there watering until 9pm which totally sucks in every possible way.

great job on the garage sale!!! helga and company raised $1600 in just one day of brutal hard work!!! way to go you guys and helga...on behalf of the saints animals..let me just say that you are one of their constant pillars of strength in caring for them..they truly appreciate all that you do every time that you do it. thanks so much!

rudy is not happy about being confined to the barn..the other horses were good and came and checked on him periodically but he did really want out.

i am not all that happy either..i don't like having my bed in the computer room but there is nothing i can do about it right now. i am trying to sort thru all of those baskets and i pretty much have them all sorted out. the problem is where now to put every thing..there is just not as spare inch of space anywhere in the house. part of the issue is we once again have crap stacked everywhere..linens and towels and blankets that long ago were used up and should have been tossed out. and of course the other real issue is...we have too small of a house. i should just start going thru it all but geez i am bone weary tired without a spark of energy. stressful days at work and stressful days at home and crappy nights sleep because i am not where i belong..i should just shoot myself and be done with it all.

i like the animals ok but other than that..rescue mostly just sucks.

well..maybe if i go and grab some breakfast my energy tank will fill up and i can get some decent work done.


shelagh f

maybe take some time to play with your grand kids, that might charge
your battery a bit


A lot of thanks should go to all the extremely generous donors of items for the sale. It wouldn't be possible to do this without them. And Brenda, Laura, Ann, Alika and Penny who worked their buns off yesterday.