Rescue Journal

quick updates

Carol  ·  Jun. 9, 2014

well it did not rain..thank god i watered the grass areas. no point in even checking the weather reports anymore, they are never right anyway.

i think sparky is going to lose that other eye. it is non visual anyway..i had a terrible time trying to clean and do his meds over the weekend..snappy little alligator brat. i will call the vets today to discuss.

rudy's leg is holding its sign of infection but it is still swollen and sore.

twosie is starting to perk up after her spay finally so that is good news.

angel was really restless last night..that kept me awake on and off for a couple of extra hours...not good for either of us. she needs to be settled and i need to catch up on my sleep.

shawn has offered to take the pre-open house to do list off of the blog and turn it into a hard copy list to post in the house so anyone looking for something to do can easily find what needs to be done.

well i guess one does eventually need to moves ones butt and get it into work. while early retirement stands before me like a carrot hanging from a stick...sadly, no one else is going to pay the mortgage here so i better get myself into work.
but...i don't feel like it...where the heck is my zip???


another Doreen

And this morning it is raining! Didn't see that coming, until tomorrow, but yay! I hope you are getting it too!

another Doreen

I'm not sure which weather reports you were getting, but nothing I saw over the weekend indicated a high percentage chance of rain. There were a few spots of drizzle last night in Chilliwack but I don't think it amounted to much more than making spots in the dust on my windshield. When I felt those drops, I hoped that SAINTS had received a lot more than that.
If you discover an energizer for us weary middle-aged women, Carol, you might make a fortune that way! I've been world-weary myself lately, and I don't carry anywhere near the burden you do! No more Freedom 55 for a lot of us Baby Boomers!


Ditto to Tammy. I would like one as well. To do list will get posted in house foyer sometime this evening.


Is there a way to get a copy of the poster for the open house?
I've tried printing it off the website but it didn't go very well.
I'd like to put a few up if I can get my hands on some copies.