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lost in space

Carol  ·  Jun. 11, 2014

i get home at 5pm and it's three hours later before i am done...that sucks.
i might have been done a few minutes earlier if i hadn't lost the minus a brain bug eyed frog...but gertie wanted to play with the big guys while i watered the lawns and they left her behind somewhere and she was difficult to find. and this would be because gert is an idiot...when she suddenly finds herself alone, she gets a little bit nervous and sits. if she is sitting somewhere even a couple of feet away but somewhere she is not readily visible...the searcher is hooped. gertie does not move on her own when she is frightened and sitting, you can call til you are blue in the face but she will not move. she somehow learned the freeze part of survival but never learned when it is a good idea to unfreeze.

that dog is as dumb as a piece of stale popcorn but man she is ever cute.

june is a great dog, she was playing with the adorable little dumbo...keep away, hey come back here, hop and twist in the air. gertsmier had a blast and june was so gentle. BUT... she totally sucked at retrieving gerts when i told her to go and get her where ever she left her. i bet if pac was still here, he would have found her for me pretty damn quick.

i think i am on my third night or so of utterly crappola sleeps. i hate sleeping in this room, i can't stop thinking about those cows, i have a hard time falling asleep, then wake up a couple of hours later and just can't get back to sleep. today i have been awake since 3 am and it is giving me a headache. maybe tonight i will sleep better..i can only hope.

sparky is staying in at the vets for his second eye enucleation tomorrow. deisel is home from his neuter and the vet told me he was a total ass..right up there on par with medical psychopath odie. that deep thick wrinkle over his nose is badly infected and neither the vet nor i think we are going to be able to clean it everyday without multiple wrestling matches and some seriously piss off people bulldog bites. so i am considering having the vets give the little troublesome bugger a modified face lift and taking off that wrinkle to save us all a lot of angst (and injury for me!). the vet said to give him a couple of weeks to recoup from his neuter and then discuss it again. in the meantime i will try to come up with a plan to trick him into letting me clean it so we can possibly avoid the surgery if we can.

just what i wanted...another medical pain in the ass.

well..i still have a couple of things to do and then i think i might try to go to bed.



Shawn, did you do the bunny room walls as well? If not, I'll do those next week.


Ha ha! The story of Gertie made me laugh especially when you tried to get June to go back and get her. June's probably thinking "But I left her impersonating a garden gnome. No problems there."
As a matter of interest I thought there was a great article in the Vancouver Sun by Peter Fricker regarding the Chilliwack issue. Thought I'd share:

shelagh f

going to do some painting today, of course its raining! we'll
see what we can do, if not will finish it another day. next week.


Looks like I will be there next week. I already have done the mp room walls =)

lynne arnason

hey guys we need to get going on this open house. so far not too much response. jamie, ann and i have been going to saints to clean for the open house. next week is the last week we need people for the mp room rabbit room etc can you help. also we need help the day of the open house. lots of thing s have to be done. nicole has posted what remains. please if you can help donate food items etc we need your help. this is for the animals that u love and want to help. come on people please if there is something u can do let nicole know or come out next week for a cleaning bee. thankyou


'those cows' are seriously making me look at going vegetarian or at least looking at eating far less meat and when I do done HUMANELY.

Since story broke have switched to free range eggs from a friend, and looking into a local farm that raises free range chickens for meat (only the last second bad) and a BCSPCA approved farm for cheeses.

The situation makes me SO sick.


"dumb as a stale piece of popcorn" - that made me laugh out loud. Poor Gertie!