Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jun. 14, 2014

sparky is feeling a bit crappy from his surgery..hopefully in a day or two he will feel a little bit better.

rudy's leg is healing well.

all of the new guys are settling in quite well.

deisel recovered quickly from his neuter and is right back to normal again.

angel really seems to like living with owen in the laundry area...she is happy to have someone with whom she can share a bed.

tristie is a pain in the ass. not sure what has gotten into that cat but suddenly she has shed 10 years of darting around here to get into the bathroom 1000 times a day. has turned into a carol stalking, pet me please purraholic AND she darted out the front door last night.... i had to CHASE her around the yard to catch her again. woohooo life is a freaking tristie party.

it is gonna be a busy day today......besides the usual goings on, 20 Spectra Energy staff members are here for their annual give back to the community volunteer day. these guys are so great..over the years they have built our initial shavings bin, the memorial garden, the back outdoor cat run, two of the biggest barn animal sun/shade shelters, framed in our gravel pathways, built fence on the left side of the lower pasture, and painted and painted and painted our white fences that need painting every year. one year they even helped us carry jeanette our 1000 pound downed cow, 300 feet to safer and softer ground for her to lay on during her last days on earth.

this year it is more gravel pathways..this time thru the back yard and while painting the front cat run is out because of the rain...there is still some memorial garden and shop clean ups to get done. this single corporate volunteer group has consistently helped us to grow in very positive ways year after year. because of them not only does saints look better but it functions and feels better for our guys with fences, shelters and outside runs to keep them comfortable and safe.

BIG YAY for the Spectra Volunteers!!!!



Yes, the pathway looked superb from the starting of it I saw and then to see the gravel laid - wow! great work!


I got the mp walls done today and decobwebbed the mp and office. The inside of the windows are done in cat room, office and mp as well. The sheet i made up for "things needing to be done" got wrecked....


I am dropping off a huge bag of stuffed toys, box of towels, 4 bags of specialized skin and coat dog kibble, and the saints sandwich board and banner.

shelagh f

porta potty ordered for next friday, away monday. We hope to do some
painting next wed onward weather permitting, again if anyone gets to it first,
great. Bought some exterior primer on the counter in the shop near the
bathroom. Now it has to rain for the lawn! Nice to have a work party, like today,
they accomplish so much