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penny's comment below so everyone can read..public opinion does matter to the big super companies.

Carol  ·  Jun. 16, 2014

This is the reply I received from Saputo in response to my e-mail to Dairyland regarding abuse of cattle at the Chilliwack dairy farm:

SAPUTO STATEMENT – Chilliwack BC Dairy Farm Animal Cruelty

As a company committed to the highest standards and ethics, we are horrified by the abuse of dairy cows in BC, which offends the values of our customers and employees alike. We want to update you on what we’re doing about it.

As Canada’s largest dairy processor, we will not tolerate animal abuse. We commend the termination of the perpetrators who are responsible for the incident at the Chilliwack Cattle Company. We want to see strict reforms to stop this from happening again.

We have asked the BC Milk Marketing Board (BCMMB) and other BC authorities to put enforceable standards in place to ensure such incidents do not occur in the future. We support the BC SPCA’s recommendation that the Canadian Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Dairy Cattles, published in 2009, be adopted into BC law. We ask the BCMMB and other BC authorities to likewise support the BC SPCA’s recommendation.

Saputo does not own or oversee any dairy farms in BC or elsewhere in Canada. Along with all other Dairy processors in BC we purchase milk solely from the BCMMB, which is responsible for the pooling of milk from farms throughout BC. But we care deeply about the way the milk we sell is produced — and recognize our responsibility to be a leader in helping to bring about change.

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Glad this reply is more detailed - action oriented - then the one I received. All for good change and we, the public, needs to stay on top of them and make sure they do their jobs.


Great comment Marisa. Interesting perspective which indeed makes one think how cruel the dairy industry is. Even on a 'good' day.


Please remember that the dairy industry is inherently abusive so Saputo's claims that it will not tolerate animal abuse are disingenuous. Cows are forcibly impregnated so they will bear calves and the calves are ALWAYS taken away from them because, otherwise, there would be no milk for humans. The calves go either to veal or to servitude like their mothers. And spent dairy cows are what hamburger and pet food are made from. They do not get to live out their full life spans.

In order to empathize with these animals, a woman just has to imagine being forced to have children every 9 months, having her children ripped away from her as soon as they are born and having her breasts used as milk machines for a species that doesn't require it. Sometimes I wonder why human mothers haven't torn this industry down with their bare hands knowing what mother and baby endure day in and day out.


I thank god i am Lactose intolerant!!!!!!!!!!!!!.. This horrified me when i heard of this happening to those poor beautiful creatures..

I don't understand how the owners aren't aware of this? How shocking!!!!!!!!!
Could they not see the distressed and emotional traumatic behavior being displayed by their constantly abused cows . Was there not scars and marks on these animals from the beatings they received ?

I hope these cows will receive justice for the actions that were perpetrated against them .

Carol Ann

I got the same reply from them. We can only hope someone in charge really does care.


I received the identical email reply, bulk mailing.
I don't believe the dairy industry will voluntarily change its practices, change will have to be legislated.
Email you MLA to ask them to support the BCSPCA codes of practice in the agribusiness sector.
In the meantime - drink soy, rice or nut milks and only buy cheese from Little Qualicum Falls Dairy (Vancouver Island, local) Yogurt? most humans lived for thousands of years without this, until it was "discovered" by the dairy industry about 50 years ago, as a way to use excess milk and increase sales.
Don't buy anything containing milk products, you won't be harming yourself.
The dairy/veal industry is LESS humane than the meat trade.


Here's hoping they follow through with what they now recognize as their responsibility.