Rescue Journal

it is exterior door/cat run painting day...oh yay...not.

Carol  ·  Jun. 17, 2014

ollie went off to his new home yesterday. our little fat boy with bad skin, will be living with a vet who will be able to provide him the care that he needs.

diesel is already back from his adoption trial....diesel is an odd kind of dog. he has some pretty deeply ingrained fear issues. the family really were looking for a sweet, easy going bulldog, similar to the old boy they lost a few years ago. and while diesel is generally sweet and funny and fun, he is not all that easy going, he packs along some past baggage.,..he is a bit of a ongoing project dog.

i got moved back to my old bedroom, yay! andy was chasing the cats and marin was starting to join him..the cats were not happy so it was time that we leave. thank freaking gawd for pain in the ass andy..i hated having my bed in the computer room and am so happy to be back sleeping where i preferred to be. is the final count down to this years open house...only 4 more days...yikes!!! lynne and ann were up here yesterday washing windows and tammy and tracey moved some more gravel around. the scrap metal guy is supposed to come and haul away that pile of metal in the driveway today but we still literally have a ton of stuff that we have to get done. the thought of it all is making me feel sick.

soooo.i guess i better get dressed and get at it..i won't feel good again until we are finished.