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the hands of saints

Carol  ·  Jun. 20, 2014

best friends

on the eve of our 8th open house in our 10th year of being here, it occurs to me that all of the hard work we put in before each open house day, is a direct reflection on how much SAINTS means to all of us here. this is not a place for the fickle, the faint of heart, or fantasy fans. this is a place where senior and special needs animal's reality live and we make it the very best reality that we can. what we give to these unwanted, discarded and somewhat bruised and tattered ones is truly a very special gift but what they give back to us in return are many, many, many gifts.

there is no doubt that sometimes i am driven nutz by some of the ridiculous shit that sometimes goes on in rescue. its like we are holding the precious light of these animals gently in our hands while we argue about such stupid stuff. we sometimes behave like petty and pathetic people instead of the respectful, compassionate, and even selfless examples of the intrinsic goodness of mankind that we are when we actually focus on the vulnerable we so carefully protect and shelter in our hands.

and this weekend will be when we see that goodness of man shining thru...we will see our committment and caring reflected back to us in the eyes of our visitors because everywhere they look, they will clearly see what our love, caring and committment to these animals can really do.

rescue is never easy but neither is love. i have said so many times over the years that love is not an airy fairy invisible thing floating thru the air making everyone in its path feel good. love is built and maintained on purposeful, demonstrated and positive actions for someone else's good....not for me...not for you, but for the ones we made this home for....our most beloved (and sometimes pain in the ass) crippled crew.

the open house is for our senior and special needs unwanted, discarded animals, to show the world what can be possible, what is possible, what can be reality for them, and what is reality for them here. the open house is our opportunity to be not only the voice of these animals but to share their precious moments in life too. not too many people will come thru here tomorrow and remain unaffected by not only the animals in our care but by this special work that we do.

this weekend is a celebration, a standing ovation for us..our animals are beautiful and to every gentle helping hand truly are you.


Lenore Henry

Great post Carol. We really enjoyed the Open House this morning and our tour with Nicole. Saints looked extra special today and all the hard work everyone has done really shows - great job!


cheryl and stef

Carol, I know not the best place to ask a question. 18 year old female cat we believe has vestibular disease. yesterday was lying on side not able to get up. she is blind but her ears are moving like you would see eye movement very rapidly. Stood her up and throughout the day got a bit stronger and could walk a bit but in circles and not for long. She is eating and drinking water if we hold her steady to her food. no nausea. this morning again she seems to be back to what she was yesterday morning. Any tricks to keep them comfortable while they go thru this and how long approx does it take to get better? We will take to vet but less stressful for her if we can watch her for a couple of days to see if it gets any better. thanks and all the best for a great open house today. weather is beautiful for it...take care


Heartwarming post, Carol. Here's to the precious animals of SAINTS who mean so much to all of us. I'm sure they'll be on their best behaviour this weekend!!!