Rescue Journal

it was a good day!

Carol  ·  Jun. 22, 2014

day one of the open house went really well. folks seemed to enjoy the place and the animals enjoyed all of the extra attention.
we were all pretty tired by the end of the day, and it was almost 10pm before i was done with all of the bedtime stuff so i apologize for not posting last night but my bed was seriously calling to me after a 17 hour day!
it looks like it will be another beautiful day and most likely pretty busy again. note to myself for next year..we need a min. of 8-10 tour guides to keep up with the volume and to keep the tours smoothly flowing. we got a little bit backed up a few times because each tour takes about an hour and a half and we need new tours going out every 15 minutes or so so folks don't need to wait for too long. someone remind me of this next year because i won't remember this for that long!

i wasn't going to water the lawns last night because i was so tired but the baby grass areas were looking a bit wimpy so i thought i better soak them down. while i was out there i started smelling something burning and noticing quite a lot of smoke in the air. i couldn't find where it was coming from so kevin helped me check all of the buildings to make sure it wasn't us. thank god it wasn't us...someone must have been burning close by to here.

if i am not so sore and tired tonight, i will try to post a better and more personal blog on our open house.

but for now..i better get moving again, it is open house day 2 and i have stuff to do.



For me being a tour guide is the greatest honor, you get to share the journey of how everyone came to call Saints home. OMG that is the very reason I am terrified of being a tour guide! What if I get it wrong, what if I can't remember, what if, what if. I know Carol is the only one that knows everyones story, with the staff a very close second. Before the Open House next year, I promise I will take the time and study the stories of each residence of Saints from the Currently Residing At Saints photo album.

another Doreen

Thanks Brenda, remember you too and I appreciated you welcoming me and asking me to join you at that pub night.
I've actually been to the SAINTS Open House a couple of times before. I seem to get there every couple of years. But there is so much to see and so many animals to meet that it's hard to take it all in and process it all! Plus things and animals change there.
It's an amazing place and I'm glad I've been able to see it, and follow the Blog.


I appreciate your comment Doreen re the laundry room. You never know others perceptions from reading the blog, and it never occurred to me (because I volunteer in the house) what people visualize about certain areas. I'm glad you were able to come and experience the atmosphere of SAINTS yourself, since I see your name regularly in the comments, and I actually met you 2 years ago at the Pub Fundraiser. - our table invited you over to sit with us since you were on your own. ( I remember you saying you were the "other Doreen" at the time.) So glad you were able to come to the Open House.

Nicole N

I tried getting more tour guides. It's like pulling teeth and no one wants to do it!

another Doreen

Thank you again for a great tour yesterday Carol. It was so interesting seeing all the animals and rooms I have read about on the Blog. I had assumed that the laundry room was a dark little room about the size of a walkin closet and I felt sorry for the animals who ended up living there. Turns out it was probably originally a breakfast nook at one end of the kitchen. Very bright with lots of windows and right near the kitchen action without being underfoot.
I also enjoyed the bits of info you shared about all the animals, especially about pigs like Ellie! ;)
And the peace and serenity of the whole place. It was hard to believe that there were so many people and animals there yesterday! The atmosphere was so serene! Thank you again!