Rescue Journal

sorry..yesterday was a busy day in a couple of different ways

Carol  ·  Jun. 26, 2014

i am in the process of finally finishing up the last of deannas final estate settlement..i have been waiting for a couple of final estate cheques in order to be able to do this. there was just enough money to pay all of her outstanding bills so all i have left to do is to take a few things into a second hand or pawn shop and take whatever money forth comes and split it amongst her 2 very good friends...then i will be completely done...whew, whew. whew!
do not anyone ever make me the executor of their will ever again!!!!

i have been in quite a panic over our sweet little sheep. elizabeth is going to have to go down soon and baby will not be far behind. we have a ten year old retiring breeder ewe coming in the fall once her last lamb is old enough to fully join their current flock. but i know the fall is just too far away and annie will end up all alone. bad enough to lose two of our lovely old girls, but annie alone for a couple of months is breaking my heart. i have asked the vets and our shearer to keep an eye out for any sheep needing a new home but no luck there yet. i decided i was going to have to bite the bullet and hit the auction next week to save someone from slaughter and find annie a friend. but we all know a trip there could spell disaster because i would come home with a whole bunch of various species of terrified souls. i am just not strong enough to ever enter the livestock auctions again. anyway, i found a sheep from a herd downsizing ad, the ad says they make good meat sheep so i think ultimately i may be saving one from that unhappy fate. whatever, close enough. we will be picking dolly up around noon today, it is a bit of a rush because she is in the last stages of pregnancy and needs to be well settled before her babe comes.

the biggest reason i am in such a panic is i cannot honestly say that when i am making or not making the decision to euthanize elizabeth, i am basing it solely on her needs...annie is standing right with her at the back of my head. i need to have annies needs out of the decision making process so i know that whenever i make the final decision, i make it for elizabeths best interests and not for annies.
anyway..elizabeth has been laying down and getting up on her own lately, she is still eating and drinking well and making the little trek to and fro between her frail sheep enclosure and the barn every day with her friends. so i KNOW with deep concern and all fairness that today is NOT her last day...i just do not know about tomorrow.
with dollys addition to our little flock, i wont worry so much about tomorrows i can just take care of todays.

on a purely selfish side note...i am quite excited to be meeting dolly and her
soon to be born, never to be meat, little, innocent babe.



maybe if her baby is a boy he could be named Liam in honor of the one who, despite Carol's best efforts, could not be saved.


A new little life coming to Saints - how wonderful. Sad that the time has come for other beloved sheep to move on - the circle of life continues. It will be a joy to have a beautiful baby to love!!!

Carol Ann

So good that little one will be loved and cared for right from the beginning, and be able to stay with her Mom. My Momma goat nursed her baby (my Spice) for three full years.

Carol A.

The lamb when she comes will be a delight loved by Annie and Dolly and maybe Elizabeth too. I could not go to the auction and leave with only one either. Post pictures!