Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jun. 26, 2014

everything went so smoothly with dollys move to here. we had her loaded up into the back of the van, literally in a blink of an fuss no muss. she handled the moving vehicle experience really well too. when we reached home she jumped out of the van and immediately joined her new sisters and has been pretty much stuffing her face since arrival. it is almost like either it was meant to be or that sheep is psychic and knew what her new life was to be...pretty damn close to sheep heaven!


welcome dolly, we are so happy you have joined the saints family!

positive thoughts needed for a possible new dog coming in...dalton is a 5 yr old ridge back surrendered to our vet, he is very ill and it is not known yet if he will survive. if he does, he will join us here until he is ready for adoption.

also coming in the next week or so are a 5 year old snapping min pin and a 13 yr old poodle mix with eye and mouth issues. they are coming from a shelter up country so not quite sure when they will arrive. Shma a 14 yr old JRT who lost his home to a fire will be arriving on sunday. and 2 senior cats whose owner passed away are flying in from back east on canada day.

roxy goes home on a trial tomorrow....not sure how that will go but the new family are willing to give it a try. they adopted sammy a persnickety min pin cross from us a few years ago who has sadly passed away. Roxy Roller, aka T Rex, Crazy Horse..has got a pretty lucky break here...she better at least try to be good or she will end up here forever.
jake goes off to his new home in a couple of weeks and tony from terrace should be moving to his new home in the next week or so.

and rescue life goes on and on....rarely a boring moment.


Carly Fournier

I think my friend Cheryl got her sheep from the same farm as you Carol.Hers is name is Holly.Same coloring too :)