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close enough

Carol  ·  Jun. 30, 2014


adam is a bit perkier today. he is on a cone break while it was freshly washed and now dries in the sink...i cannot stand slimey cones, dirty bacteria growing things. he did not get his drain out today..too painful. so he goes back in on wed. to be sedated and then they will take it out for him. he continues to be a very sweet dog.

shama is doing ok...he was moved into my room and he will be a bed buddy dog.

andy had his shave down. he looks pretty darn cute.

there is an ideal for me in rescue..i'd like to have 1.5 full time staff per area 7 days per week (that's house, mp building and barn.) we can't afford that yet, but maybe one day we will. in the mean time we do the best that we can with what we have with the volunteers and myself filling in the gaps...but its hard because almost all of us work other full time jobs. still, we manage to keep the place going and the animals (considering the multiple medical and emotional issues) actually do quite well in our care...some actually live longer and healthier than many family pets.

some days i would like to retire from my paid job and concentrate solely on saints..but then who would pay the mortgage? without a place to park ourselves, there wouldn't be a saints. i guess i better keep working..the mortgage won't be paid off for 10 more years yet.

i will tell you what keeps me any given time i am surrounded by over one hundred sick, disabled, aging, palliative or mentally screwed up homeless animals that no one else wanted..they got tossed away and did not get picked up again until they came to saints. and somehow, some way, they make themselves a home here, they make us their family, at least for awhile. that says something about saints, it says something about us.

and that something may not yet be my version of ideal...but right now it is close enough.
the nap

(thx for the photos erin!)


lynne arnason

i was in the bedroom and gave shama a little piece of beggin strips. he did not snarl at me, just smelled my hands and ate the beggin strip. he seemed a little bit happier.hope he settles in soon he is a seetheart. and that adam what a doll. what more can i say.

Carol A.

Such a bright and beautiful Canada Day morning! I was catching up on the blog and must say that I love the yellow doors. they are so cheerful!
Shama looks like a real little sweetheart, and Adam is a very lovely boy. I hope he heals up very quickly for everyone's sake. I must say I love the bright red sofa. It just brings such cheer into the room, while all the big dogs stretch out for a nap. I hope your week goes peacefully. Sending lots of hugs and love to all the little ones ( and the not so little) furred, feathered and human... :)

shelagh f

is there enough people for tomorrow, or is that not a holiday
for the staff?