Rescue Journal

watch lola, sparky and max on CTV's morning show tomorrow morning at 8:40 am!

Carol  ·  Jul. 1, 2014


Lenore Henry

Nicole, you did a great job. Sparky, Max and Lola were so well behaved and truly represented what Saints stands for - hugs to all of you!


Amazing - great job Nicole, and of course Sparky, Max, and Lola. I hope lots of animal lovers saw the segment.


I caught this just by chance this morning and thought it was great. Nicole and the dogs all did SAINTS proud. Way to go!


Nicole did a great job. And of course, the dogs were awesome and totally played up to the camera.

laura b

The camera loved you all! Nicole was very well spoken, Sparky smooshed up the host, Max did his usually cute, and Lola did the happy tail wag…with her butt to the camera …Great job :-)


For those who missed it, go to the above site. You will see the story on the right top corner.

Carol Ann

Well done. They were all awesome. So well behaved and affectionate. Nicole didn't even look nervous.


It was awesome. Well done Nicole! Also, huge props to Lola, Max and Sparky...way to represent!