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Max, Lola and Sparky's television debut

Carol  ·  Jul. 2, 2014

Nicole writing here from Carol's account as I am too lazy to try and find my password.

Ann and her super husband picked up our three lucky dogs early this morning and drove them in from Mision to CTV in downtown Vancouver. Sheila and I met them outside the studios and made our way upstairs, we had about 40 minutes till we were on, which was actually good as the dogs had a chance to relax a little (just a little!).
I was horribly nervous, I think I hid it well. The dogs did great! (as long as we ignore Lola peeing on the carpet as we left!)
For those of you that missed it you can see the clip here

Thank you to Ann Luu and the CTV Morning team for inviting us!

Also we have two baby lambs born this morning. Erin will post a video later. One boy and one girl. Yay babies!!!



Great Job Nicole !!! The dogs did really well too, Max looked so freaking cute.

Leanna Hoskins

Nicole - that was a great spot and you didn't look nervous at all - I had tears in my eyes while also smiling looking at those pups :-)
Bless you and all you and the volunteers do - its wonderful



You did well and so did Max, Lola and Sparky. My husband is going to post the clip on FB, YAY new lambs!


what a great TV spot! Nicole looked as calm as could be and the animals were wonderful! is the lamb-naming auction going to be on the website or facebook? I ask as one who is not on facebook, and what time will it begin/end please or is it just for staff and volunteers? a great day for SAINTS! Yea!


yayyy! baby lambs!
i saw the birth vid on my facebook feed but it's gone.... will it be up here?


Shelagh is that when you went with me. If it was CTV was a lot easier. They didn't make us come at the beginning of the show and wait until it was our turn.

Carly Fournier

Right at 8:40am I clicked on the blog to read it.When Carol said they would be on at 8:40am I went right to CTV.Of course it came on just after then, but I had to watch it :)


Little lambs!! Fantastic! I bet they are totally adorable - not often we get babies around Saints. Can't wait to see them.

Barb H

I'll echo the above, you looked totally relaxed in front of the camera. The dogs looked great too!

Donna Brearley

Just saw the CTV website clip. Nicole, you didn't look nervous and came across very well.

Donna Brearley

I just saw the clip on the CTV website and Nicole you didn't
look nervous at all. Great interview.

shelagh f

i have taken dogs into tv before and it is stressful.
You did great and so did the dogs, you looked you
had done this before