Sheila  ·  Jul. 3, 2014

I am mostly white so I must be Baby Male Lamb

1. Highest bidder gets to name both the newborn lambs at S.A.I.N.T.S.!
2. Post your bid in the comments section of this blog post…BABY NAMING TIME!
3. You do not have to reveal your chosen names until you are declared the winner.
4. Payment can be made via Paypal, Canada Helps, cash (dropped off in person) or mailed cheque.
5. Chosen names must not be inappropriate in any way (no lambchops please) , nor should the names
already by taken by a current S.A.I.N.T.S. resident
6. A tax receipt will be issued to the highest bidder.
7. Auction begins July 3rd 9:30 PM and ends at midnight Sunday, July 6.
8. Starting Bid: $20
9. Bid Increments: $10
10.Dollys first born, mostly white lamb is a male.
11.Dollys second born, spotted tricolor lamb is a female.
12.Good luck and have fun!

Even though I don't look tri colored in the picture I am more black so I am baby girl lamb



baby girl is not tri-colored...she is just black and white. the golden brown on her was birthing pooh which mom has graciously cleaned off her.