Rescue Journal

babes in joy land

Carol  ·  Jul. 4, 2014

i just finished working 7 straight shifts in a row, i got shifted from early mornings to day shift to afternoons, to maple ridge, to mission and back...i am so tired of working all over the place and all over the clock this week that i just want to puke! but the highlights of the week were playing great big giant bouncing ball with ethan before i went to work on wed. afternoon and today playing witches, wizards and three little bears with annabelle and griffin after work...we made griffin be baby bear because he is still a baby and doesn't know he should ask for a bigger role.

i swear to god, i have the cutest grandkids in the world!

and of course our own new little twin wooly babes are also pretty freaking cute! they fully joined the flock today which is really good. i couldn't watch elizabeth in the cameras at night because we shifted the big girls out of the nursery until the babes were strong enough to be introduced. now everyone is together and i can once again be obsessing over elizabeth at night and what she is or is not laying down to rest.

capone is back from his fault no foul. he simply could not handle a house full of slippery wood floors and he is far too big at 160 pounds to easily pick up again whenever he falls down. i could have suggested floor mats but even if they matted one whole room for him, it meant that would be the only room he was safe in and i did not want him ending up isolated and alone when the family were somewhere else in the home. i introduced the family to adam and while he is pretty weak in the back end too he may be a better match in terms of size...easier to pick up 80 pounds than doubled that size. they liked adam a lot and adam needs a great home too. we will see how things go as he moves further along in his recovery.

i want to get toula and lilly (the two new senior cats whose owner passed away) moved over to the house...i think i will plan that for monday. they are both very fat cats.

new dog in..teddy is from another rescuer who is facing a terminal illness so she asked if the tedstar could come here. he seems to be a very sweet licky face.

well i am all done in so i think it is pj baby girlie lamb has the zoomies, i can see her flipping around in the cameras...too freaking cute!



I'm sorry it didn't work out for Capone but so glad that he'll still be around. Can't wait to meet the new babes tomorrow.